Let’s just say we beat the parking lot attendant to the parking lot this past Sunday.

Arriving by 9:15 am, we almost had him believing we didn’t know kickoff was moved to 3:25 pm.

By 9:45 am, the second group of tailgaters arrived.

Steve, his wife, and his daughter, Carolina season ticket holders had made the ‘bucket list’ trip I learned as I introduced myself and welcomed them to Lambeau.

At the time, we were the only four people in the parking lot.

“Are you tailgating by yourself?” they asked.

“No, my husband’s here. He walked quick to Walgreens to pick up a power strip for the tv because we forgot it at home.”

A tv for the early game; that’s die-hard.

As the parking lot filled, more of our friends joined the tailgate.

Using a megaphone, I continued to update fans passing by with the score of the Bears vs. Lions game.

It always makes me smile to host fans for their first tailgate.

“Green Bay is cold as sh*t.”

Anytime someone mentions how cold it is at a tailgate, cue stories of the last NFC Championship at Lambeau or the time we essentially had a burn barrel (aluminum garbage can with some holes poked in it) in the parking lot one January also for a playoff game.

At around 35 degrees this past Sunday, we didn’t even bring the big propane patio heater.

One less thing to pack up before heading into the stadium……. Die-harder.

When the game got flexed to 3:25 pm, I originally didn’t approve, but I take it back.

Without a 3:25 pm kickoff, there’s no snow during the game.

Snow at Lambeau, let me tell you, is as magical as it appears.

Fans still got to experience a flyover, and it’s unbelievable to me that parachuters jumped at halftime during the snow landing on the field.

What a game, and it was loud.

The drive home was long but worth it listening to the post-game chatter and seeing friends’ posts after a great win.

I had helped my co-worker Jo Ellen and her husband find tickets to the game, but we weren’t able to connect much until yesterday about their first trip to Lambeau.

“Okay, Jo Ellen. What was your favorite part?” I asked.

“I would probably say the flyover, but then again everything. I have been to other stadiums, fans in Green Bay are diehards.”

“I mean, everyone around me was into every play.” “It’s different; I can’t explain it.”

“Diehards,” Jo Ellen said.

A 13x World Champion vibe always, during the bye week, get outside, look for or paint some rocks maybe?

I had known it was a thing to paint and place rocks outside for others to find, but it was Sunday at my tailgate when a fellow fan gave me this Coach Lombardi rock they had made.

Shout out for the creativity; wish I would’ve thought of it.

I’m going to put it by our high school football field and may indeed paint some originals of my own this weekend.

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