To those of you who have lived through decades of Green Bay Packer football, there have been many seasons, both successful and not so successful. We’ve seen Packer Legends coach this team through several losing seasons. We’ve watched coaches rise to stardom. We’ve had the pleasure of Lombardi and the misery of Bengston-Infante, 5 coaches, 23 seasons of sub .500 football. Holgrem, Sherman and McCarthy were each over .500 while coaching the Packers. What defines success for you? Winning seasons, championships, great effort, or maybe even entertaining teams to some. In the NFL, success is defined by the trophy named after our famous coach, Vince Lombardi. At the end of each season only one team can hoist that trophy, the remaining teams become an after thought. Who can name the last 10 teams who lost the Super Bowl (without researching)?

With all of that being said, we have watched a change in culture this season in Green Bay. In all actuality it most likely started when Mark Murphy made the move from Ted Thompson to Brian Gutekunst. It is apparent that this was a generational move from draft and develop, to assembling a successful team by all means available. No more square pegs into round holes just because someone’s a good athlete. Today’s NFL players are specialists, they do one thing well, gone are the multiple position players. Green Bay had been in a rut, drastic changes needed to be made to the stagnant ideals that had become the Packers personality.

In 2019, here comes 39 (now 40) year old Coach Matt LaFleur, possessing no Head Coaching experience. What he does possess is a burning desire to win, and win now. Coach LaFleur assembled a staff of young innovated coaches who have the same goal…..the Lombardi Trophy. In order to achieve greatness, you first have to believe in yourself. LaFleur does. He also has great confidence in his staff and players. LaFleur brings energy to a team that had become lethargic and oft injured. Have you noticed this season how healthy the Packers are? Why is that? Each player wants to be on the field to contribute each game, to be a part of each victory, to have each others back. We all know that has been missing for a few years. In the recent past there were 53 players, with 53 agendas. In 2019, we see 53 players with one agenda, to win. I’m sure each player now realizes what happens when you lose focus, LA Chargers game happens.

The Packers may stumble versus a more talented team over these final six games, but it won’t be for lack of effort. There are no longer gimmies in this NFL. In a 16 game season, each week counts toward eventual seeding and home field advantage is significant. This week the mighty San Francisco 49ers stand in the path of victory for the Packers. We’ve read for two weeks now about the history between these two teams. After tonight, one team will establish themselves as the favorite in the NFC. Tonight will be an exciting game, one which pits family vs family, friend versus friend, mentor versus student, who will prevail? My pick Packers, in a close 23-21 chess match.

As Always, Go Pack Go!


PackerGreg Veteran/Go Army @DrGTP on Twitter