This Sunday the Packers return to the friendly, but frozen confines of Lambeau Field to host the (3-9) Washington Redskins. The Redskins, the winners of two straight have found their running game in Darrius Guice and veteran Adrian Peterson. QB Dwayne Haskins and the offense have also made strides with him at the helm. Coach Matt LaFleur will once again have to be creative and not become complacent in his game plan, to catch the Redskins off guard. The Packers offense versus the Giants had one of it’s best games this season. Rodgers in particular finished the game with 4 TDS and a passer rating of 125.4, tops for the week. Mike Pettine’s defense is what you see, a unit that yields yardage, contains in the Red Zone and creates turnovers. In an effort to continue to improve, the leaders on the team, Smiths, Rodgers and possibly others meet with the coaching staff after the game to exchange insight.

One glaring issue reared it’s ugly head this week, not by the Packer’s players, but the Packer fans. This issue is fueled by a certain Milwaukee area self-proclaimed radio sports pundit, and perpetuated by his few fans. It appears that nothing Aaron Rodgers does will satisfy this fellow. Not a 125.4 QBR (vs Giants), not a perfect 158.3 QBR, with 6 TDS (vs Oakland), not 9 wins and 3 losses will silence him and his posse. His “hate Rodgers” campaign is baseless, fact-less and fueled by his own conjecture/opinion. He corners the #FakeNews sports market in Wisconsin. By all true statistics, figures, and countless other sports pundits both in Wisconsin and Nationally, Rodgers is having a good year. Many sports writers and Packer players commented on their dismay at this “hate Rodgers” campaign. Davante Adams said, “you’d think we were 3-9, not 9-3!” It’s unfortunate, that in order to establish a small base of fan listeners, this relatively unheralded radio host has to bash Rodgers to be relevant.

The Packers are 9-3, by all rights if LaFleur devises a solid game plan, after Sunday’s contest they should be 10-3. If you remember, I predicted 12-4, before the outset of this season. The Redskins will not roll over, “they get paid also,” is a common statement you’ll hear from the Packers. From where the Packers now sit in the standings, they can ill-afford a loss this week. They hold a slim one game lead in the North, and will face those Vikings on December 23rd, Primetime MNF, at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. As you all know through these last four games, Redskins, Bears at home, Vikings and Lions on the road, the Packers must win the games in which they will be favored. With a game plan of diversity on offense and aggressive defense the Packers should prevail.

My prediction for Sunday, Packers 38, Redskins 17.

As Always, Go Pack Go!


PackerGreg Veteran/Go Army @DrGTP on Twitter