The weather prediction for Sunday doesn’t appear to be a factor, other than a little chilly, 40 degrees and cloudy. It will need to be an electric crowd to give our Packers the home field advantage. Which means all this nonsense from fans complaining during a 9-3 season needs to stop. I’ll reverse Vince’s famous line and say, “What the Hell’s going on up there (in the stands)!” I can say for certain that no less than 20 NFL teams would gladly trade places with the Packers (9-3 record). Also no less than 25 teams would take Aaron Rodgers in a heartbeat! Is he perfect? In one game yes, and close in another couple. For heaven’s sake please, please stop worrying about the Bears! Take care of business Sunday versus an emerging Redskins team.

Considering the young WR’s still don’t know where to line up in formation, it’s amazing what Matt LaFleur’s offense has accomplished. LaFleur and company must scheme Aaron Jones back into the offense now that teams have focused on taking him away as a weapon. It’s made for increased playing time for Jamaal Williams, who has played very well when called upon. Mike Pettine’s defense on the other hand continues to be weak against the run, TE coverage and explosive plays, while the Packer’s Special Teams have not been very special. For Special Teams Coach Shaun Mennenga 2019 has been an exercise in futility. Maybe the signing of Tyler Ervin will provide a spark, I’m not convinced. Tramon Smith was the #4 returner in the NFL last year with the KC Chiefs and the Packers just released him.

The Redskins will present a huge opportunity for the Packers defense to show the ability to slow down a strong running attack. It would prove to other potential playoff teams that the defense actually can stuff the run game. QB Duwayne Haskins is young but mobile and possesses a strong arm. Supported by old Packer nemesis RB Adrian Peterson and newcomer Derrius Guice the Redskins offense exploded against the Carolina Panthers. To overlook the Redskins and have eyes on the Bears would be a blunder and could lead to a loss. I think the Smith’s must apply constant pressure on Haskins, while the secondary needs to remain opportunistic. I’d like to see Rashan Gary and Kingsley Keke get some reps along the front line to disrupt the run.

The young WR’s have shown glimpses of understanding route running. Yes, you run the route assigned to that particular play, but always run to the open spot in the defense. Aside from Adams, and Kumero, occasionally Allison, and seldom MVS, the routes leave much to be desired. The 49ers laid the blueprint to removing Jones from the game plan, so LaFleur needs to come up with a new wrinkle or two for the offense. In the end, I believe the Packers are keenly aware of the task at hand and will emerge victorious. Sunday night the Packer’s record will be 10-3, after a 34-17 victory over the Redskins. (Which fans will complain about) SMH.

As Always, Go Pack Go!


PackerGreg Veteran/Go Army @DrGTP on Twitter