If those fickle Packer fans don’t think Aaron Rodgers and other Packers aren’t aware of their insane comments, think again. They should be able to read between the lines of their veiled comments. Hello!!!!!! UNDER FIRST YEAR HEAD COACH MATT LAFLEUR the PACKERS are 10-3!!!!! They currently are the number two seed. In 2010, the Packers were 10-6, a Wild Card entry into the playoffs and won the Super Bowl with road victories. The New York Giants were 10-6 in 2007 and defeated the 16-0 Brady led New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

I understand the majority of this negativism is fueled by a single ex-Packer radio Co-Host who played two NFL seasons, with a career rushing total of 688 yards. This hardly qualifies him as an NFL expert. I actually listen to a portion that show daily, mainly to hear the nonsense. In an attempt to be controversial and relevant, he has garnered a host of “Chicken Little,” Packer fans. It’s a pitiful attempt to gain a minority of follows who continually bash the Packer’s performances, both good and bad.

I was at yesterday’s game, same as I was the Oakland and Denver games. The game was not a picture of perfection. I expected the Packers to break 30 points and they had ample opportunities. There were a couple missed throws, one I felt catchable, Jimmy Graham along the Packer’s sideline. The second to Aaron Jones along the opposing sideline, in which I saw a grab of his jersey, may have cost him half a step and resulted in another incompletion. Those two plays, matched with Aaron’s two minute drill fumble likely cost points.

Once again poor route running by the young wide receivers (Adams being the lone exception) haunts the Packers. This has plagued them all season long, disrupting the offensive rhythm. I specifically watch the WRs on plays and they do not create separation, nor do they run to the open spot. Aaron has a tendency to hang onto the ball, waiting for an explosive play to develop, but with these receivers it remains problematic. This will be Matt LaFleur’s biggest challenge in creating more offense. Mike Pettine must remain aggressive with the defense and continue to slow down opponents run game. The positives for Pettine’s defense has been creating turnovers and applying pressure on the opposing QB. I believe the defense will have more turnover opportunities facing the Bears. Once again I will choose the Packers to defeat the Bears at Lambeau, in a defensive battle 16-14.

As Always, Go Pack Go!!!


PackerGreg Veteran/Go Army @DrGTP on Twitter