Kicking off this Sunday at 5:40 pm CST, the last game of the weekend is the best game of the weekend.

Until then, divisional playoff round week continues, and each day the excitement builds.

It’s lit Packers’ fam!

As agreed, the Packers are sharing some letters or drawings submitted to the team.

This is one of my favorites shared via Packers Everywhere.

I’m sure you smiled too.

Not only did the story behind that phrase pop into my head, but so did a visual of the lights at Lambeau Field dimming on, then off, then back on again after the Packers score this weekend versus the Seahawks Sunday night.

If you’re heading to Green Bay before Sunday, located east of the Titletown Ice Rink, bonfires will be lit from 5 pm until 9 pm Friday for Fireside Fridays (a). I wish I could swing it this weekend to head up early, the thought of sharing a spotted cow, talking Green Bay Packers football, outside in January with Lambeau Field in view.

Also, Saturday, both James Jones and Al Harris will be signing autographs from 11 am until Noon in the Lambeau Field Atrium and the Packers Everywhere pep rally is at 6 pm.

Me, I’ll be up early Sunday morning, before the sun rises, on the road to the parking lot.

If everything goes as planned, we’ll arrive between 8 am – 9 am, light the grill and start the day in Titletown, where the 12th man is a 100,000+ waiting list.

Two more games, LFG!

A 13x World Champion vibe always, with the help of a talented friend, I made some playoff good vibes candles featuring Za’Darius Smith, Aaron Jones, Jamaal Williams, and Aaron Rodgers and have been sharing them with friends.

Za’Darius, for playoff sacks.

Aaron and Aaron, for yardage and touchdowns.

Jamaal, because of Jamaal.

I won’t even be lighting mine because I already know that the offense and d-train will shine bright on Sunday.

(a) Fireside Fridays, part of the Winter Jubliee Warm Up presented by Performa and Mad City Windows & Baths.

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