Super Bowl LIV is in four days. Snooooooooozzzzzzzzzze.

Kidding. Kind of. It will be a great game.

I did enjoy what I watched of the Pro Bowl but admittingly took a nap.

Many more weekend naps for me, and thus, I found myself crawling the web for comfy Green Bay Packers lounge wear.

Not just pajama pants, but all-out outfits or over-sized giant Sherpa hoodies.

I shouldn’t have been shocked to find qvc selling this union suit.

Five bucks off your first order, and you also get a cinch bag to carry whatever you would carry from the kitchen to your bed, couch, or Super Bowl Party!

I’ve seen the oversized reversible Green Bay Packers reversible Colorblock Hoodeez on a couple of websites. It appears they are on sale now.

You may recall mini print one is the one Preston Smith was photographed in heading to work this season.

Preston Smith via Instagram

I tried to find the photo of Preston in it but failed; found this one though:

What Preston’s wearing is currently for sale on; women’s version with free shipping, heyyo!!

Not on sale yet is this Green Bay Packers adult onesie on Amazon.

It’s $99.99!

That’s $98.00 more dollars than the official Bears twitter account traded Khalil Mack for on twitter Sunday!

Reminder, take more naps, but stay woke online this off-season.

A 13x World Champion vibe always, why not spend the night at Lambeau Field?

Hosted by the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, a Packers Pajama Party is scheduled for Saturday, February 15th from 6 pm until 8:30 am the following day at Lambeau Field.

Beyond the activities, including a behind-the-scenes tour, Hall of Fame scavenger hunt, and the opportunity to sleep overnight in the Lambeau Field Atrium, guests will receive a goodie bag, dinner, snacks, and breakfast.

Read the rules about a responsible parent or guardian registering with all children ages 6-12 and plan to stay the night. Carry-ins are prohibited; alcohol will not be served or allowed.

Complete with a bedtime story read by a special guest, all in the Lambeau Atrium?


Yeet Dreams!

Tickets to the Packers Pajama Party can be purchased here:

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