Green Bay Packers: Row 54

When asked my opinion about back to NFL and Green Bay Packers football, I don’t have one.

Hopeful the Packers will play with fans in the stands, I’m uncertain at this point.

Games canceled; postponed and/or rescheduled, I need to prepare now for the possibility that Packers game may be played with partial attendance or without fans in the stands at Lambeau altogether.

Since the 2010 season, my husband and I have had two tickets, Row 54 in the lower level or bowl at Lambeau Field.

Defined as Sections 100-138, lower bowl seating is on an aluminum bench, located in Rows 1-60 all-around Lambeau. (b)

My invoice for 2 seats, Row 54, lower bowl is paid for in 2020.

Missing only three home games in 10 seasons, I’ve joked I may have to send a cardboard cutoff of myself this year, where I can and if I have to!

All jokes aside, all of us continue to make recommendations and/or decisions that impact ourselves and others in our daily, personal, and professional lives during this pandemic.

There is no right answer, and everyone has opinions.

By now we’ve heard the NFL’s plan, shared with team presidents last Tuesday, that the first six to eight rows of seating in every stadium will be off-limits to fans in 2020 to protect players, coaches, and team staff from coronavirus exposure. (a)

Folks, at a minimum, 10% of the rows in the lower bowl, off-limits.

You didn’t hear it here first, no Lambeau Leaps.

Possibly no photos near the field (I hope any plan includes a designated area opened post-game for photos) and no fans near the tunnel.

This plan also frees up space for advertisements, also known as, sponsorship assets. (a)

For me, what this looks like is hard to visualize…………….

I was going to color in on this blueprint what I thought it could be, instead, I bought this Green Bay Packer’s adult coloring book, a welcome distraction.

A 13x World Champion vibe always, the Packers Student Art Contest is going on now and the deadline to submit pieces is July 12. Eligible participants include students in grades 6-8 or grades 9-12, or students attending a university or technical college at the time of submission.

One winner will be chosen from each category and winning pieces are planned to be displayed in the stadium’s club levels throughout the upcoming season.

The theme this year is “Packers Gameday Traditions,” share an artistic representation of what gameday means to you!

Those eligible can enter the Packers Student Art Contest here

For the rest of us:

Additional, free, coloring/activity pages can be found here:


Support the Packers Pro Shop by purchasing a Green Bay Packers Coloring & Activity Book here:

Green Bay Packer traditions can and will continue, what they look like is up to me.

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