The NFL is planning to resume back to action in the middle of the deadly pandemic. However, social distancing seems to be more difficult for American football than all other sports. Nonetheless, the NFL is ready to bring the country back to normalcy after a few months of stress.

Training camps are already opening this week, though some of them are in the hotspot areas of the disease. Nonetheless, NFL fans are eagerly waiting for the games to resume for them to continue placing wagers. Even better, most people who love Tennessee sports betting are already flocking to Bet-tn in search for the best offers on the market. The site also gives you access to the best casino sites in Tennessee.

Some of the sports officials were of the idea to postpone football action for a whole season or push it back to spring. The national director of infectious disease and allergy, Doctor Anthony Fauci told CNN that it would be difficult to resume back to active football this fall if a player both in NFL and college were not living in isolation and having regular tests. He said that football might not happen this year.

Despite the current pandemic, the teams feel confident to slate sixteen games per team, given the protocol it has agreed on with all the players.

The NFL chief medical officer and neurosurgeon said that people are trying to be thoughtful about the return of the league. The doctor explained to the CNN medical correspondent Doctor Sanjay Gupta how Atlanta Falcons and the NFL are preparing despite the current world pandemic.

According to sills, it looks a bit risky to resume the league at the moment.  The NFL may have to consider new measures, considering the news from the major league basketball team that members of the Miami marlins tested positive for the virus.

Measures put in place by the NFL have all fans wear masks. There will be an increase in sanitization and social distancing everywhere, including weight rooms, treatment rooms, and mealtime, and even on the field.

There are three regulation-size football fields where Atlanta falcons train. According to Sill, the field will provide a lot of space for individual or even small group training.

Another security measure taken by the NFL is the tracking devices. They will alert players or staff when they are too close to each other. The machines are still going to assist in contact tracing if someone becomes infected with the virus.

The league has also worked with the sports apparel company to design a plastic mouth shield for the player’s helmet. According to Sill, it is an extension of the eye shield worn by some of the players. The layers of plastic and the filtering material will assist the players in lowering transmission. Its effectiveness is yet to be seen.

Though it is not mandatory, players are strongly encouraged to use the face shield. The issue is under discussion between the players association and NFL.

Over the past few weeks, there have been a lot of negotiations to get players back into the field. Several issues were discussed, including the testing protocol, and the interaction between players. The league and the union came into an agreement on Friday. According to Sill, The decision reached affects the entire community, not just the league. Everything that is done is going to have an impact on fami


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