Green Bay’s Odds Before the Start of the Season

The Green Bay Packers are one of the most popular and beloved teams in the NFL. Because of that, the army of fans behind them is always hyped before the start of each season.

All of them are hoping that the Pack might win the Super Bowl and the trophy with the name of their legendary head coach, Vince Lombardi. Last season they were so close, yet so far, and this season, many believe that their chances for snatching the title might be solid.

At the moment, Green Bay is in the second echelon of the favorites, with the odds of taking the silverware set at 16/1. The No.1 candidates are the Kansas City Chiefs, at 6/1, then come the Baltimore Raves with 13/2, and the San Francisco 49ers 8/1. Then come the New Orleans Saints 11/1 and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12/1, followed by a group of teams including the Packers – Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

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But to come back to the Packers and their chances to win the Super Bowl. Many believe that Matt LaFleur’s side will have a much tougher schedule than last season. As one of the main reasons why Packers reached the NFC Championship Game, several prominent experts included them having easy opponents.

Yet, all of them forgot that Green Bay had a new head coach, and that Aaron Rodgers had one of his more average seasons of the last couple of years. All this provides massive space for improvement, and we might see Green Bay even stronger, especially after Rodgers received competition at the QB position. “Competition” more psychologically, because Jordan Love isn’t capable of playing right away, but he will no doubt remind AR that he could be benched anytime.

The two-time NFL MVP is tied eight with Carson Wentz on the list of the biggest favorites for winning the Most Valuable Player award. The two have the odds set at 20/1. The 2018 winner, Patrick Mahomes, leads the list with 7/2, with the reigning one, Lamar Jackson, following the Chiefs’ QB  11/2. Russell Wilson is 13/2, and far behind are Dak Prescott 12/1, Tom Brady and Deshaun Watson 16/1, and Drew Brees 18/1.

In order to reach the playoffs and have a home-field advantage, the Pack need to post wins against the division rivals, and right now, it seems that the NFC North is one tough place to be. With the Minnesota Vikings who are looking pretty sharp, unpredictable Chicago Bears whose defense is one of the best in the league and the rising Detroit Lions, Rodgers and the boys will have a tough road.

The oddsmakers see the Vikings as the first favorites to clinch the division. Odds for them doing the same are at 6/4, and Green Bay comes next slightly behind 7/4. The Bears are third 4/1, and the Lions sit last 13/2. Packs and the Vikes meet in the first round at Lambeau Field, and surprisingly, the guests are the favorites in this event, 3/5, while GB’s win is set at 8/5.

Some say that the reason for all this is the Packers’ poor draft choices, when they passed all those quality wide receivers, dropping another chance to give Aaron Rodgers a first-round weapon to pair with Davante Adams.

Still, with Rodgers fired up, anything is possible, and like so many times before, AR might carry this team on his back without any problems – even to the Super Bowl trophy.

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