I love to start my mornings with a coffee and a side of steaming tea. Along with a good laugh.

Being petty is a top tier art-form in which I consider myself to be associated with. Picasso of Petty.

Let’s cut to the chase. The reason why you’re reading this in the first place. Week 8. The Green Bay Packers (5-1) vs. The Minnesota Vikings (1-5) at Lambeau.

The Vikings are fresh off of a bye week, and RB Dalvin Cook is off the IR; the Packers fresh off of another win, with star RB Aaron Jones ruled out this week as well. Not worried so I’m not going to pay it any mind.

These are the types of games you sit out for and don’t force if you’re not 100%. No need to force it.

In the week 1 matchup, Cook scored two TD’s while generating 50 yards on 12 carries, his lowest total in a game played in 2020.

Cook is a great player. He’s racked up 489 yards on 92 carries with seven rushing scores while adding 12 catches for 64 yards through the air. I get it. I mean he isn’t Aaron Jones, but I get it.

Vikings QB Kirk Cousins seems to be implementing the pass game a lot more than we’re used to seeing, and that’s with the help of their standout rookie running back, Justin Jefferson.

Jefferson is just six games deep into his rookie campaign and has already recorded not one, not two, but three of the 10 best single-game receiving grades ever recorded by a rookie wide receiver in the PFF era (since 2006).

Neither the Packers nor the Vikings are anywhere near the top rankings when talking about their defense as a whole. While I’m biased, I don’t think our defense is consistently bad, which may not have been a valid excuse prior to you reading this, but now it is. This is the validation you needed.

The Vikings are facing desperate times at cornerback. Mike Hughes (neck) and Holton Hill (foot) both haven’t practiced this week, rookie Cameron Dantzler is on the COVID-reserve list and Krys Boyd has been limited by hamstring and back injuries.

That is indeed FOUR of the Vikings’ FIVE top cornerbacks.

So who, then, is going to cover three-time Pro Bowler Davante Adams?

Whoever is, it is going to be a BADDDDD day to be a defender.

With or without Jones on the field, The Packers are still able to bring an energy that is unmatched.

Which leads us to my next topic of discussion. You guessed it.

Jamaal Williams Weekly Worship time.

Do one thing for me here. Watch this interview.

The Packers are likely going to be without Aaron Jones (calf) again in Week 8 against Minnesota, which should allow Jamaal Williams to be a star for the second week in a row.

“I’ve said this a lot, but I’m bringing it up time and time again because I just think he deserves as much credit for what he did in the offseason to get himself in this position. He’s such a talented guy,” Rodgers mentioned in a recent interview.

Willams literally studied cheetahs this offseason. Cheetahs. To help work on running his routes.

Last week, Williams had an average of 4.1 YPC, and showed how significant his energy alone is for this Packers team.

Been saying he was special and I’ll keep saying it.

Jamaal Williams is the heartbeat of this team. No other way to put it.

In other news, rumor has it that the Packers have interest in Texans WR Will Fuller, which would no doubt be a move that you would anticipate a team to make when they are looking for more weapons offensively.

If you are a solidified, die-hard, would-take-a-bullet-for-Rodgers, type of Packer fan, you know that we have been through this same old song-and-dance time and time again.

Adding the likes of Fuller alongside Adams and the rest of the Green Bay weapons would be quite the arsenal for Rodgers, who is currently third in the NFL with 17 touchdown passes and second in the league in passer-rating (113.4) entering Week 8. 

I won’t go into it further just in case I could potentially jinx a huge power move. The Packers have till Tuesday to figure it out.

As we all know, they are they type of team that doesn’t give any hint of any move until it is happening.

Keeping lowkey.

Making moves in silence.

Another reason why it makes sense that I am so attached to this team. I could go on for hours. I’m annoying. Y’all love it though.

Prediction time. Every week I feel like I get so close and then nope. Sike. A win is a win though, numbers aside.

Packers are going to put 20+ on the board by half. Quote me on that.

35-20 Green Bay. Quote me on that x2.

Happy Halloweekend!! Go get y’alls bag (of candy) today, and watch the Packers get in their bag tomorrow. Cheers. Xoxo.