Good morning (afternoon?) to everyone except people who aren’t Packer fans. Or fans of my articles. No room for squares in this circle.

This week the Packers host the 1-7, fourth-ranked in the AFC, second-string QB led Jacksonville Jaguars.

Quarterback Jake Luton got his first start last week against the Texans, and while he was still said to have played relatively well, the Jaguars still lost 27-25. After not playing in an actual game for well over a year, I would say there is a lot of room for potential there. But how will he do matched up against the best QB1, along with one of the highest-rated offenses after week 9?

Just proving that my statement wasn’t just biased, but a fact too. Don’t come at me.

“It’s pretty surreal,” Luton said. “He’s a guy I have a lot of respect for, was a big fan of growing up and a huge fan of his game. A lot of things that he does, no one else really can do. He’s a wizard with the football in a lot of ways. Like I said, [I have] a lot of respect for him,”

via Michael DiRocco, ESPN Staff Writer

Aaron Rodgers and wide receiver Davante Adams clicked (per usual) last week, and it showed. Can you imagine having the best quarterback AND wide receiver playing for your team?

Oh wait. Hahaha. We don’t have to imagine. Or think hypothetically. This shit is real life.

What a time to be alive.

Rodgers and Adams week 9 against the San Francisco 49ers – 305 yards, 4 TDs, 147.2 rating; 12 targets, 10 receiving, 173 yards, and a touchdown, respectively.

Against a team like Jacksonville, I expect the Rodgers/Adams connection to click fast. The Jaguars have one of the worst pass defenses, and on average they’re allowing 280 YPG. Sounds like a recipe for disaster for Jacksonville.

What Jacksonville does have, that makes me slightly hesitant on assuming this game will be a total blowout, is a running back; and a decent one at that. Which for some ungodly reason, is something that the Packers have a hard time stopping. The Jaguars James Robinson is projected to be a top-five running back in week 10 (via @PFF), along with players like Alvin Kamara, our very own Aaron Jones, Dalvin Cook, and Mike Davis.

James Robinson isn’t Dalvin Cook, but the rookie running back does have 805 total yards and seven touchdowns through the Jaguars’ first eight games of 2020.

This might also be the perfect game for Aaron Jones to have himself an absolute day as well, alongside Adams.

Last week was a little bit slower for Jones, where he had 15 carries, 58 yards, 3.9 YPC. I would love to see him do what he does best, and maybe we’ll see some more of Jamaal Williams. I don’t want to sound too ahead of myself, but Sunday seems like the perfect “everybody eats” type of game.

In other good news, Packers tackle David Bakhtiari (chest) fully participated in practices all week and is off of the IR. receiver Allen Lazard and linebacker Christian Kirksey are still unknown whether or not they will play Sunday, and it is likely that that decision won’t be made until game time.

Someone told me they just skip right to the end to see what my prediction is for each game. Not really sure if that’s some sort of backhanded compliment or how I should’ve taken that.

So for the person who always flies to this section of my article – Packers 34, Jaguars 17.

Now get back up to the top and read. Educate yourself. Smh. Y’all kill me.


Cheers to THAT.

Rest in Peace to a legend, icon, and one of Green Bays’ finest. ?