What do the Packers do with Devin Funchess?

The Packers front office shocked the world when they refused to take a wide receiver in the 2020 NFL Draft. Instead, they looked to free agency to haul in an injured veteran on a cheap deal — Devin Funchess. But then Funchess opted out due to his concerns about his family’s health during COVID-19.

Leaving the Packers with ‘nothing’ — expect the No. 1 scoring offense in the league.

But, now a decision needs to be made. Technically, Funchess is still under Green Bay’s control for $2.27 million in 2021. The Packers can eat $1 million to cut Funchess (save $1.27 million), or the Packers could role the dice and see if Funchess has anything left in the tank.

Why should Packers cut Funchess?

Saving $1.27 million isn’t enough to solve the Packers cap issues. So, why should the Packers cut Funchess.

Currently, JJ Watt’s price tag is being talked about around $15/16 million. The Packers, while negative, are probably able to move things around to scrounge up ~$10 million. That extra bit saved from Funchess’ contract could be the icing on the cake to sign Watt.

Another reason against bringing Funchess back is the fact that every WR for the Packers has their contract expiring after 2021-2022 — barring an Davante Adams’ extension. It would be advantageous for the Packers to build the next wave of WRs to compliment Adams.

The most glaring reason to not bring Funchess back is the fact that he has only played in one game since 2019.

The last reason is simple. Don’t fix, what ain’t broke. Packers offense hummed in 2020, so reason to assume it won’t again in 2021.

Why should the Packers roll the dice with Funchess?

Green Bay’s offense was dynamite last year. Why bring Funchess into the mix?

Robert Tonyan was a major factor in Green Bay’s red(gold) zone success. With his future — and Marcedes Lewis’ future — uncertain, Funchess could be a viable replacement. Funchess size — 6’4 230 — essentially makes him a tight end. Matt Lafleur loves big bodied WRs to that can excel in the pass and run game, and Funchess fits that mold.

The issue with Funchess isn’t whether he is capable of competing in the NFL. The issue is if he is capable of staying on the field. If Funchess plays 16 games with opponents key’d on the Rodgers-Adams connect I think he could outplay a $2 million price tag very easily.

In Funchess’ instagram post acknowledging that he was opting out, he said that he did not take the decision lightly. I think Funchess is ready to prove the doubters wrong and begin a new era with the Packers. But does Green Bay’s front office agree?


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