Packers Bring Back “The Big Dog” Marcedes Lewis

Brian Gutenkunst and the rest of the front office must have really liked what they saw from the Green and Gold this past year since they’ve decided to bring the band back again for one last shot at the Lombardi, signing Marcedes Lewis to a new two-year deal.

History lesson time, since Marcedes has been in the league since 2006 and will be coming back for a 16th season. In his age 37 season, Lewis will back for his 4th season with the Packers and his 3rd under the Matt Lafleur where he has been one of the most consistently productive players for the offense. His durability and run blocking abilities are really what keep him in the league as much as anything else, but Lewis really is one of the most important pieces on the Packers line.

While the Packers are deep when it comes to the tight end room there really isn’t anyone that has the same skillset as Marcedes Lewis in the Y-TE position. This won’t perclude Brian Gutenkunst from drafting another tall, long, athletic tight end or receiver but having Lewis there to continue the line stability for Aaron Rodgers is worth it’s price.


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