The NFL Draft cupboard is stocked at wide receiver like the previous year, and the position goes for four-round deeps with quality prospects in the NFL Draft for 2021. More than a half-dozen top picks to select from are available when looking for pass catchers and speed receivers that can stretch the field.

D’Wayne Eskridge, from Western Michigan, is one of the players who can accomplish this. Teams such as the New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears, and the Green Bay Packers target the 24-year-old player, who looks quite promising. Most fans are also very confident about D’Wayne’s talent, with many following closely to make informed wagering decisions when betting at through your smartphone or pc. Players from Montana who are at least 18 years of age, will be able to place sports bets using their smartphones.

According to Tony Pauline of the Pro football Network, the Packers are on the top of the list for teams targeting D’Wayne on early Day 2. Tony also recognized that Eskridge is rising up draft boards after a spectacular showing at the Senior Bowl.

Eskridge had his best season at Western Michigan in 2020, with an average of 23.3 yards per reception. He also caught 33 passes for 768 yards and eight touchdowns. These accomplishments were made in only six games, pretty impressive since that counts to 1.33 touchdowns and 128 receiving yards per game.

The Packers were also impressed by the fact that D’Wayne returned kicks last year, and on 17 returns, he had an average of 27.5 yards and took one back for a touchdown. Before this, it felt like Eskridge’s return ability had been slipping under the radar. He would match up to Matt Lafleur’s offense since he has the talent and speed to make an impact at the next level.

Some of the traits that make Eskridge such a good target for Green Bay are that he is quick-footed, uses his hands to get away from the defenders, and can also turn it on in one step. He has a legitimate downfield burst and possesses a deadly second gear.

If the Packers get Eskridge, they will have gained a player who watches the ball fly into his hands, adjusts to errant throws, and one who can also make the difficult catches. He can make receptions in full stride and steps up to blocking when the situation presents itself. D’Wayne displays soft hands and even comes back to the ball out of breaks.

According to Sayre Bedinger of NFL Mocks, Eskridge could gain separation throughout the past season, but this ability fully showed up at the 2021 Senior Bowl. In the coming week’s draft, Eskridge, with his talent and reputation from the Senior Bowl, and the rumored interest from the Packers, will be a player to watch.

The puzzle now is whether Eskridge will show up for the Packers when they hit the second round and whether they will choose him. Most are also wondering how much farther D’Wayne will rise on the draft board after his recent progress.