The main focus for the Green Bay Packers in this year’s draft are the high talent picks of rounds 1 through 3. These players will be crucial in helping this team finally get over the edge and win a Super Bowl now. What puts the Packers in a good position for the future is their large number of returning starters, enabling them to put more emphasis on players of the future in rounds 4 through 7.

Typically these players are not day 1 starters, which is why this is a great year to focus on these picks more so than normal.

In recent history, the Packers have had mild success with their rounds 4 through 7 picks.

For starters, Aaron Jones. He doesn’t need much explanation for his worth as he has been a dominating force on the ground for the last 2 full seasons. As a 5th round draft selection, Aaron Jones far and away surpassed what was expected of him.

Marquez Valdes-Scantling is another recent 5th round choice who has played well. Obviously not at as high of a level as Jones, but seeing that he has played in all 48 games in his first 3 seasons, and has almost 2,000 Yards receiving, MVS has also surpassed his expectations.

The focus in the 2021 draft should be depth in the later rounds. Receivers for the future, Cornerbacks for the future, and security depth on both the offensive and defensive line.

Green Bay has a myriad of picks starting in round 4. They have 2 in every round until the 7th, totaling them 7 selections in the final 4 rounds. These picks will prove crucial for the future development and competitiveness of the Packers.

As long as the selections are smart, and the Packers don’t reach on these late round selections, these players could help continue laying the foundation of fantastic Packers football for years to come.