While the ongoing Aaron Rodgers breakup story certainly is a bad thing for the Green Bay Packers and evolving every day, it could potentially help take some heat off of their incoming 2021 NFL Draft class.

Our nine-player class, coupled with a few undrafted free agent signees, has already improved this team, and they have not even signed their contracts yet. With tackling major areas of need for this team, GM Brian Gutekunst has yet again help make this team better for the future, while also making sure we keep at minimally the same level of talent currently.

But draft pundits from all media channels seem to have a sense of disdain towards the draft picks that the Packers made, and it seems like they may be having the ongoing Rodgers situation clouding their judgement.

The national push of not having drafted a wide receiver in the first round only grew stronger after this year’s draft, as GB focused on their defense yet again with the 29th selection. Plus, Eric Stokes’ varying draft stock certainly did not do much to calm the pre-draft doubters, and while his intangibles and tape make him look like a valid option, the media feels otherwise – and quite strongly.

Cornerback and offensive line were two very important needs for this team heading into the draft, and all Gutekunst and the front office did was add two corners (Stokes and Shemar Jean-Charles) and three offensive linemen (iOL Josh Myers, G/T Royce Newman, and T Cole Van Lanen). Combine these five selections with a WR (Amari Rodgers), a defensive tackle (T.J. Slaton), a running back (Kylin Hill), and a linebacker (Isaiah McDuffie), and you have the makings of, at minimum, a solid draft class that can fill holes on all three elements of the game.

National media loves to drive home their sided points without providing context as to why they feel that way, and Green Bay’s ongoing situation only furthers the amount of talking heads that are directing their unneeded attention our way. Whether Aaron Rodgers wanted to make everyone talk about him and his reported desire to ‘never play for Green Bay again’ or not, the media certainly has had their fair responsibilities in growing this situation.

So yes, this year’s draft class will forever be a rung or two lower on the news feed ladder with the unfolding Aaron Rodgers situation – but maybe that is just what this team needs after this firestorm reached the air waves. Regardless of if we have seen the last of #12 leading this franchise or not, one thing can be said for certain – this team’s future has been altered forever, for better or for worse.

Flying under the radar may suit this year’s crop of rookies just fine – and it may be exactly what this team needs to get through everything.


Mike Johrendt has been an avid fan of the Packers ever since he can remember. He is now a writer at PackersTalk and you can follow him on Twitter at @MJohrendt23