All the drama this offseason surrounding the Green Bay Packers has dealt with Aaron Rodgers. Reports were made that Rodgers no longer wanted to be with the team and would not return to the Packers. Now it seems as though Davante Adams, Rodgers number one target, may have a similar future.

Adams has shown no signs of hatred towards Green Bay, but much of his success has been tied to having Aaron Rodgers, one of the greatest of all time, as his QB. If Aaron Rodgers were to leave, the speculation is now that Davante Adams would also leave when his contract expires after this season.

In a Fox Sports Radio interview, Adams was asked about his future plans if Rodgers does not remain with the Packers. While he did not give a definitive answer, Adams stated that he would have some extra thinking to do when considering his long term options.

Since Adams was drafted in the 2014 NFL Draft, Rodgers has been Davante’s quarterback. All but 54 of his 546 career receptions have come from Aaron Rodgers, those 54 coming when Rodgers had a broken collarbone. Now that there is a real possibility of Rodgers departure, Adams may want to find a more secure situation to be in.

If Rodgers does leave, the Quarterback situation in Green Bay is unclear. That situation changes depending on how Aaron leaves. It could be Jordan Love, if the Packers think he is ready, or it could be almost any other quarterback in the NFL. Trades could happen. Drafting a quarterback could occur again. It is all up in the air. Adams would likely prefer to end up with a team that has a definite quarterback under center that can help Adams to continue playing at a high level, but even that is unsure as he has never dealt with this situation before.

Once again, this entire situation is up in the air. Rodgers could stay, Adams could decide he likes Green Bay no matter who plays quarterback. There are so many variables. What is for certain is that this Aaron Rodger’s situation has led to Adams strongly reconsidering his future with the Packers, and he probably isn’t the only other player to do so.