Late April and early May are usually exciting times for all teams in the NFL, as the draft brings good news and reinforcements and preparations for the season slowly begin. For the Green Bay Packers, the first day of the draft was not a happy occasion this year, as it started with media reports of Aaron Rodgers being unhappy with the organization and looking to part ways with the Packers.

The reigning MVP is still under contract with the Packers, but could be traded if the organization agreed to do so, which would probably mean a big payday for the Packers. Yet, parting ways with the quarterback would be a massive hit to the Packers’ chances of making Super Bowl LVI and would make any team who would sign him an instant contender for the Super Bowl.

This news, despite being unofficial, has stirred up the betting markets and made the Packers go down in perceived value with the bookmakers. We look into the current odds for the Super Bowl LVI and how this news and the draft itself affected the market.

Green Bay Odds in Free Fall as Chiefs Reign Supreme

The first week of May has seen the Super Bowl LVI odds change drastically across the board, which commonly happens right after the draft. However, the news that the Hall of Fame quarterback may be leaving the Packers actually made the biggest impact on the odds this time around, as several potential landing spots for Rodgers got significant boosts.

First of all, we should talk Packers, who many sites that offer betting picks had as one of the favorites just weeks ago. The news that the start quarterback is unhappy with his situation and may be leaving before the new season starts has taken Green Bay down to a +1400 with most bookies. This is significantly worse than the +800 they were priced at just before the draft.

Not surprisingly, it is the reigning champions and their Super Bowl opponent’s from last season who are at the top of the rankings, but Chiefs are actually favored quite heavily at +450 for the Super Bowl LVI. The Bucs trail just behind at +700, while the likes of Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens on their tracks at +1100.

The biggest winners of the draft are probably the 49ers and the Broncos, although their improved odds did not come so much as a result of the draft, but rather the possibility of Aaron Rodgers joining them this summer, which would instantly make them contenders for the Super Bowl.

The likes of the Jaguars and the Bears have also been receiving attention from the bookies, who seem to think their new draftees may be able to help them have a season that was not originally expected for them.

Months Ahead Critical for the Packers

The Packers are at a critical point, as negotiations with Rodgers continue. Everyone at the organization is working hard to change his mind and meet his terms to keep him on board. Should the Packers keep the quarterback in their camp, it would completely open the season for them and make things a lot easier. If not, the likes of Jordan Love will have to step up and bring their A game if Green Bay are to leave a mark this year and make the Super Bowl LVI.

With the draft completed, the Rodgers situation is the only remaining uncertainty, and the team will need to start working hard in preparation for the season whether he stays or leaves, with the new draftees looking to find their place in the amazing Packers squad.