Aaron Rodgers scheduled to make appearance on ESPN

Aaron Rodgers has been the talk of the NFL-world since Adam Schefter dropped the bomb that the reigning-MVP wanted out of Green Bay. But Rodgers has yet to make an official public statement about the issue, other than telling Mike Tirico at the Kentucky Derby that he was ‘disappointed’ that the news broke the way that it did.

For the past month, Packers fans have been clamoring for Rodgers to just make a statement so that the public can actually know what the hell is going on. Most people believe that statement will be coming on Monday, when Rodgers has a sit down with Kenny Mayne on ESPN. The appearance is garnering a lot of attention because obviously Rodgers has to say something about the ongoing turmoil, but also because it will be the last SportsCenter hosted by Mayne.

For those who think this interview is going to be a tell-all from Rodgers, I hate to break it to you, but it probably won’t be. As much as we want to know what the driving force is behind Rodgers’ disgruntledness, it really isn’t our right to know. Rodgers doesn’t have to tell anyone anything for that matter, obviously if he wants his way he probably is going to have to communicate with the front office about what his issues are (but we already know that line of communication is frayed at best), but that certainly doesn’t mean he has to do it publically.

If anything, this interview will be similar to the one Rodgers did with Mayne just two weeks before this year’s draft. Where Rodgers, in between laughs and jokes with a good friend, said something that many glanced over. When asked directly by Mayne if the front office took his advice when making roster considerations, Rodgers pointedly said ‘No’. If anything, we will probably see similar vague responses that will just leave us asking more questions.

Just because I don’t think anything groundbreaking will come of the interview, doesn’t mean I won’t be locked in at 11 pm ET on Monday. If anything, it will give the media more fodder to speculate about the tarnished relationship.

OR Rodgers could be announcing a long-term extension with the Packers. Who knows? I certainly don’t.


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