With all that is going on surrounding the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers, the Packers made a surprise signing bringing in veteran quarterback Blake Bortles. This signing came as a shock to most, but it seemingly makes great sense.

Firstly, let’s assume that Aaron Rodgers is truly beyond upset and will not be returning to the Packers.

In this case, Jordan Love is clearly not ready to play Week 1, as these OTA reps are the first semi-legitimate reps Love has taken now entering his second year in the NFL. Blake Bortles, while by no means a high level Quarterback at this point in his career, can act as a buffer for the Green Bay Packers, helping them win a few games, and maybe help slide them into playoff position.

If Jordan Love develops faster than expected, he could slide into the starting job almost seamlessly. If not, it is not unlikely to view Bortles’ presence solely as help for Jordan Love develop and be ready for the start of the 2022 NFL season.

Now we should also have the case that Aaron Rodgers does return. Obviously no Packer fan hopes for this, but Rodgers could get injured. As previously stated, Love is not ready for live action games. Bortles would once again be called into action, and can be a gap year quarterback or play a few games while Rodgers recovers.

Either way, throughout this process Blake Bortles was brought in to prioritize the development of Jordan Love. If Rodgers stays, it helps Aaron focus on himself and winning games, while not having to worry about grooming his potential replacement. If Aaron leaves, this gives Bortles one last shot at glory, while also helping the Packers get the most out of their first round quarterback Jordan Love.

Overall this seemed like a very safe, yet smart move for Green Bay. This signing gives them security at the quarterback position, and helps them in almost any situation that could arise out of the Aaron Rodgers drama.