At the moment, the Green Bay Packers have numerous options along the offensive line to select from. This will make it harder for their UDFA signings to break into the top-53. Moreover, four out of five Packers starters are back for 2021, and they also brought in six offensive linemen draft picks in the past two years. Sports betting fans using be watching closely how it all unfolds as they refine their betting strategies. With limited playing time up for grabs in the Packers’ frontline, what will Jacob Capra bring to the table?

UDFA Jacob Capra from San Diego State possesses the versatility that the Packers need. The majority of Green Bay’s offensive linemen can either play guard or tackle positions. Alternatively, they can play as both guard and center if they are playing strictly as interior players. The Green Bay offensive line’s versatility allowed the team to thrive even with several injuries to deal with. 

As for Capra, he is experienced in four or five offensive line positions, which will work to his advantage. Even though that could not get him on the initial roster, it will get him a spot on the practice squad. 

Capra was at Oregon for his first three seasons, where he got considerable playing time before switching to San Diego State, where he spent his final two seasons. In 2019 he played as right and left tackle and took 312 snaps at the right and 198 on the left, and gave up two sacks and 11 pressures in the same season. He later spent most of the 2020 season as a left guard, where he did not allow any sacks and only two pressures in 233 pass-blocking snaps. 

Using PFF’s grading system, Capra was more effective as a pass-blocker than as a run blocker in his career. However, nearly 62% of his total run-blocking snaps happened in the zone blocking scheme. Under Matt LaFleur, the Green Bay Packers run a wide-zone blocking scheme. 

Even though Capra has showcased his positional versatility at the NFL level, his athletic testing makes him more of an interior player. He has an overall RAS score of 4.11, which is considered below average. 

You should also note that this score is when he is playing as a guard. If you were to look at his score as a tackler, it would probably be worse. His 40-time of 5.34 is regarded as just above average but, his 10 and 20-yard splits are also considered inferior.   

Capra recorded only 19 reps on the bench press at his Pro-Day. Moreover, his 3-cone time was lacking based on the RAS scale. However, he scored slightly above average in the vertical and broad jumps and the shuttle. He is good physically, standing 6’5” with 331/4 inch arms. Nevertheless, he is slightly on the smaller side for an interior player as he weighs 300 pounds. 

In Capra, Green Bay Packers get an explosive and fundamentally sound blocker that stays square. He also keeps opponents in front of him and works perfectly with his linemates. 

Capra is also quick out of the second level and efficient in pulling across the line of scrimmage. Apart from working to get a pad on defenders, he also blocks with proper pad level and places hands onto opponents effectively. Finally, Capra displays excellent vision, instincts, and patience and works hard together with his teammates.