Jordan Love Development As He Enters Second NFL Season

Jordan Love was drafted as the likely replacement for Aaron Rodgers following the estranged state of things between the quarterback and the Packers. But think about it; we’ve not heard a lot about Jordan Love since his signing further pushed the doubt between the Packers and Rodgers.

Jordan spent a significant part of the 2020 season as QB3, a developmental project attached behind the future Hall of Famer while headed for an MVP season. That was the case until Rodgers’ discontentment with the Packers became evident to the public after failing to show up for the mandatory minicamp this week.

Rodgers also wasn’t at the voluntary team OTAs last month, and neither were Green Bay’s top five receivers. The absences meant that the stage was clear for Love to showcase the skills he’s been developing in relative anonymity since his selection over a year ago. Fortunately, one of the Packer’s star players was impressed by what Love displayed during the OTAs, and many bet-wv NFL punters are expected to follow him closely this season. Those who are granted a WV online gambling license may partner with other companies to offer interactive betting.

According to Packers running back Aaron Jones, you could tell that Love was now more comfortable on the field, even from his communication while in the Huddle to commanding it. Jones has had a year with the Packers, and he has the time to watch and gradually learn away from the spotlight. As a result, you can tell that his style of play is a little better than how it was before.

Jones believes Love will keep growing in the coming year, and he’s happy to be working with him to help the Packers on their quest this season. According to Jones, it’s great to have a young quarterback who’s not just another signal-caller or camp arm destined for only backup reps behind Aaron Rodgers. Love is also highly likely to get starting reps at a certain point in his four-year career with the Packers. As such, these signs of progress are an encouragement considering that Love’s future is in Green Bay.

For Coach Matt LaFleur, it’s still too early to comment on the quarterback situation, although Aaron Rodgers’ mind seems already made up. Matt LaFleur has tried to handle the situation in the best way he can so far, offering positive reviews while acknowledging that Jordan Love still has a long way to go. LaFleur said that while Love has matured during the 2020 season, he still has a lot to learn.

Love is looking forward to becoming among the Packers’ best starters in the future, and unless Rodgers’ situation escalates further into divorce, his time isn’t around the corner. However, considering that Love’s improvement has hit the headlines over the last few weeks, it’s encouraging for Love’s future in the club. That’s because the team will eventually need a reliable quarterback, although the Packers hope that won’t be needed this fall.


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