As we inch closer towards the start of Training Camp, the Packers had a decent amount of headlines this week. Here’s the scoop.

Packers sign Amari Rodgers

The Packers came to a contract agreement with their 3rd round pick in this years NFL Draft, Amari Rodgers. The productive rookie WR from Clemson signed a 4 year deal that ensures his presence in training camp and beyond. Rodgers, who’s drawn early comparisons to Randall Cobb, should be an immediate impact player for the Packers in the upcoming season.

NFL Analyst Mark Schlereth

Out of all the NFL analysts, it’s been a mild surprise that Mark Schlereth of all people has been one to somewhat be in the thick of Aaron Rodgers news. Schlereth, a 2-time Super Bowl Champion for the Denver Broncos in the 90’s, first reported an Aaron Rodgers trade to the Broncos was pretty much a done deal back in April. That proved to be false.

On his “Stinkin Truth Podcast” this week, he again spoke on Aaron Rodgers and brought up an interesting tid-bit that I personally, hadn’t heard of until he said it. You can hear the podcast here and if you fast forward to the 2:15 mark, he makes a quick comment about Rodgers “begging” the Packers to retain Corey Linsley, who signed with the Chargers a few days later.

This is the first report I’ve heard that Rodgers pleaded with the front office to retain their former All-Pro Center. I don’t know if this comment was simply made in passing, or if it’s valid but nonetheless, it was interesting to hear.

Aaron Rodgers reportedly declines Contract Extension with Packers

At this point, it’s not expected that Aaron Rodgers will report to training camp.

Contract Talks Stall with WR Davante Adams

It seems like a mountain of bad news has been pouring down from mainstream media on the Packers ever since April. The latest piece of information on Adams doesn’t necessarily mean a contract can’t happen but with the feel of this off-season, it’s another punch to the mouth. An informative piece here talks more in depth on this situation.

Not the greatest of tweets to see with everything that’s been happening. Leave it to the imagination.

Tradition waits another Year

Packers Training Camp starts on Wednesday

The Packers kick off training camp on Wednesday, July 28th and their first pre-season game is on Saturday, August 14th against the Houston Texans.

Congratulations to the Milwaukee Bucks

The Packers came close to a Championship in 2021 but the Milwaukee Bucks went the distance by winning the NBA Finals against the Phoenix Suns, their first championship since 1971.


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