Will the Packers recapture their form of 2020 to reclaim a shot at the Super Bowl?

With the 2021 NFL season finally in progress, football fans will be in seventh heaven. Of course, the new season brings new optimism and Packers fans will be eagerly hoping a Super Bowl outing is on the cards in 2021/22. If they can tap into their form from 2020 this time around, you would have to think that anything is possible. As all Packers supporters know, coach Matt LaFleur did well last season and ended up with a 13-3 record going into the playoffs. A superb win against the Rams saw them into the NFC Championship game, where they sadly fell to a dominant Tampa side.

But has this strong run of form from last year carried on into the current season so far – and could it help propel them to a Super Bowl appearance in 2021/22?

Confidence is key in sports

A look at the latest Green Bay Packers odds to win Super Bowl LVI shows that they are sitting towards the top of the betting after the first few games of the current campaign. This would seem to suggest that those in the know already see signs of their 2020 form carrying on. But how can previous form affect the current season?

Sports is as much a game of confidence as anything else. A strong run of previous form gives everyone extra assurance coming into the opening games of the new season. This helps the players to feel good about themselves and have confidence in their abilities and those of their teammates. This type of feeling is often the difference between a side that enjoys a good season and one that does not.

How has 2021/22 started for Green Bay?

Even with the confidence-boosting 2020 campaign behind them, the opening game against the Saints was not great. Although it was away, the 38-3 loss seemed to signal that it was in fact sluggishness from off-season rather than previous good form that the side had brought to the table.

However, the last three matches have shown that the Green Bay side from last year is still there. While the home victory against the Lions was expected, it was the 30-28 triumph away at the 49ers that was particularly pleasing. This showed that the side have the same ability from 2020 to beat any team on their day but also extra resilience this year to bounce back from adversity (such as the Saints defeat in the first game). Add to this the Packers taking care of business versus the Steelers this weekend, and optimism is warranted.

Plenty of other reasons to back the Packers in 2021

Although the fine run of form from the previous campaign and the latest two wins signal that Green Bay should do well this year, there are other reasons to feel a Super Bowl tilt is on the cards as well. To begin with, all the players will be desperate to go one better than the last few seasons and actually make it to there in 2022.

It is also important to mention Aaron Rodgers here. All Packers followers know that he is a top-class talent and he has started the year in the same kind of form he displayed in 2020. With him playing so well still, a run all the way to the final game of the 2021 season is not beyond the realms of possibility. You also have to factor in that it could be his last year for the side. If so, he and his teammates will be pulling out all the stops to make it one to remember.

Core group of players together from last year

Some Packers supporters may have been a little disappointed in the lack of off-season signings – especially after game 1 of this current season! You could put a more positive spin on this, though, by remembering it meant the Packers had a settled squad when the season kicked off. The same players who played well last year are still mostly there and this can only be a huge help in re-creating their 2020 form in the rest of 2021/22.

All NFL fans also know how vital schedule is to teams’ chances of a Super Bowl run. While there are some roadblocks for the Packers to bypass in 2021, their schedule is not the toughest. This should see them set to carry on where 2020 finished and carry on their fine form from the last two matches.

Packers looking for Super Bowl glory in 2021/22

The new NFL season is now well under way and this is a real tonic for football fans. If you support Green Bay, you will no doubt be eagerly following every game this year to see if they can perform as well as the last season. If so, it will be a marvelous year for anyone who follows the Packers.


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