BREAKING: Aaron Rodgers speaks out on “Immunized” Comments

Aaron Rodgers jumped on the Pat McAfee show on Friday afternoon to discuss his situation around his “Immunized” comments, being unvaccinated and his general thoughts on the COVID-19 situation.

Some of the highlights from his conversation on the Pat McAfee show:

  • Rodgers confirmed he is unvaccinated
  • Rodgers said his “immunized” comments back in August were not meant to be misleading or dishonest, he said what he said because of the media’s “cancel culture” on unvaccinated people and did want to be mislabeled as an “Anti-Vaxer”, “Selfish” or any of the other shameful and negative labels attached to unvaxed people
  • Rodgers said he has an allergy to some of the ingredients in the mRNA vaccines, which immediately took the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines off the table for him
  • Rodgers said the next option would have been the J&J vaccine but after some of the reports of side effects and then the J&J vaccine being pulled in April, decided it was not the best for his health
  • Rodgers said, after extensive consultation with medical professionals, he was at more of a health risk of getting vaccinated versus being unvaccinated and following his immunization routine
  • Rodgers said health, in general, is not a “one size fits all”
  • Rodgers said he did “Extensive” research through out the offseason and consulted with many health professionals to get the most knowledge possible about the vaccines, in order for him to make the best decision for his personal health
  • Rodgers confirmed that the Packers, his teammates and the NFL were all aware of his unvaccinated status
  • Rodgers said he has followed all protocols for unvaccinated players, which includes wearing a special designated wristband, masking during workouts, not being able to leave the hotel, not able to eat with teammates and being tested every single day
  • Rodgers said vaccinated players are tested once every two weeks
  • Rodgers continued to say that he believes the NFL policies in place for unvaccinated players are “not rooted in science” but rather to “shame” these players and make the NFL look good
  • Rodgers said his method of immunization came about through extensive research, talking with Harvard MD’s and other medical professionals
  • Rodgers mentioned that he’s friends with Joe Rogan and has consulted with him about immunization
  • Rodgers method of immunization, in general, was to “stimulate his immune system” in order to be a defense for Covid
  • Rodgers said he believes he doesn’t have to test for 90 days after his confirmed Covid-19 case
  • Rodgers said he takes this very seriously, he’s not a Covid-denier, he’s not an Anti-Vax guy, he said he believes everyone should make the best decision for their personal health
  • Rodgers called politics “a total sham”
  • Rodgers emphasized that people should take full control, power and autonomy of their body and health and should be an undisputed right
  • Rodgers said the situation that he is in “should be a conversation, not a controversy” and that he is here to “continue the conversation”
  • Rodgers said he feels really good and if this was the flu, he would absolutely be playing on Sunday
  • Rodgers said he’s had enough with the “witch-hunt” and “cancelling” and this subject need to be a conversation, not a cancel party. He said there needs to be more love, compassion and conversation around the topic
  • Rodgers said he knew this story was going to come about at some point and would’ve answered follow-up questions honestly had they come up during his August press conference

Much more can be found on this topic by listening to the full interview on the Pat McAfee show. They usually post the full interviews on Youtube a couple hours after their interviews.


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