The Packers played most of Sunday night’s game against the Bears with a 3rd string LT, a backup center, a rookie RG, and a veteran reserve RT who had not played all year. They allowed a total of six pressures against Chicago. The OLine held up in the pass game and opened up holes in the run game as the Packers played with a balanced attack. They did their job Sunday, and considering how injured that unit is, they need to be recognized more. The Packers offensive line is making it work.

First and foremost, the credit needs to go to these players for stepping up and playing the way that they are. But it is hard to ignore the work of third-year offensive line coach Adam Stenavich who has been coaching these guys up all season. He has developed this offensive line into the top tier in the NFL. Third string LT Yosh Njiman’s development can be credited to Stenavich as well. A player who had been nearly forgotten about on the Packers depth chart has now become a key piece in protecting Aaron Rodger’s blindside and has held up well.

It is also vital to give credit to Aaron Rodgers. No one helps out their offensive line like Rodgers does. He is masterful in the pocket, creating plays with quick decision making and elusiveness. If Aaron Rodgers does not have to extend a play, he is also elite at getting out quick, rhythm throws that are in the flow of the offense. I am sure the offensive line is grateful to be blocking for a guy like Rodgers, and they have complimented each other well.

The Packers can possibly get three starters back later this season. It is a possibility that David Bakhtiari could practice this week. They are hopeful that he can play sometime this season, but the timeline keeps getting pushed back. The other tackle, Billy Turner, went down with a pretty bad looking knee injury on Sunday. As far as we know, the Packers are still going through evaluations on Turner’s injury, as LaFleur would not comment on Billy’s status. Also, rookie center Josh Myers has been out for several weeks with a knee injury. Coach LaFleur said last week that Josh “needs a little more time”.

It is tough to figure out these uncertain timelines especially with the little information that we get. But if the Packers can even get back one of these starters for the playoffs it would give a good offensive line a big boost. This makeshift Packers OLine will play a big role if the Packers make a Super Bowl run.