The 2021 NFL season was one for the ages. The NFL got what it wants – parity and the ensuing exciting and surprising games that follow. The Cincinnati are making their first Super Bowl appearance in decades and the #1 seed that was “all in” for one “Last Dance” with Aaron Rodgers got bounced in their first playoff game by a 6th seed. Of course, we’re talking about your Green Bay Packers.

Green Bay had another regular season to be proud of, winning 13 games for the third year in a row under the direction of future HOF quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers now looks to be the favorite to take home the NFL MVP award, according to Betway. But it certainly didn’t look that way at some points during the season. Let’s take a quick look at how the MVP race went:

As the season started, Patrick Mahomes held the position of MVP favorite, followed by Rodgers and Josh Allen. In week three Rodgers dropped out of the top five, and Kyler Murry crashed into the #2 spot after throwing nine touchdown passes in the first two weeks. In week four, Matthew Stafford vaulted into the top spot after a four-touchdown game the previous week.

Weeks 5-8 saw Kyler Murray reclaim the top spot, with Rodgers getting back into the top five in week 7 after a three-touchdown day against Washington.

Week 9-10 saw Josh Allen make an appearance as the MVP favorite and Tom Brady is steadily moving up in the top five.

Week 11 sees the GOAT claim the top spot and he holds on to it through week 16, even becoming the odds-on favorite at -125.

Week 17 Rodgers supplants Brady as the odds-on favorite after the Packers route the Vikings while the Bucs lose 9-0 to the Saints.

Week 18 has Rodgers firmly considered an overwhelming MVP favorite as the season comes to a close and the Packers finish with the #1 seed.

As you can see, the 2022 NFL MVP Race was hotly contested – just what the NFL wants.