The Green Bay Packers have been one of the most notable teams since the inception of the Super Bowl. With an extensive and rich Super Bowl history – including being the first winner of the game, they’ve continued to be one of the teams to be reckoned with in the NFL.

The Packers won’t be competing for the Super Bowl LVI title on Sunday as they couldn’t make the final this time around. However, as everyone is anticipating the game, it’s a perfect time for many fans to reminisce on past teams’ victories and great moments in Super Bowl history. Perhaps, there’s no better team to look into than the Packers.

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Greatest Moments in Packers NFL and Super Bowl History

Over the years, the Green Bay Packers have had many important victories, performances, and moments. It may be hard to choose a few from those remarkable moments. But here are some important moments that fans will find heartwarming:

1.      Bart Starr and the Ice Bowl Sneak of 1967

Every long-term Packers fan would still remember how Bart Starr won the Ice Bowl Sneak in 1967 after digging his face across the goal line, which led him to score the winning touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys.

While this was the game that brought the Packers their third consecutive NFL championship, what stood out most was that meme-worthy moment with a sneak from Bart Starr. Although this was a victory led by Bart Starr, it’d not have been possible without the blocks thrown by Jerry Kramer and Ken Bowman.

Another thing that will always remain in fans’ minds for a very long time is that this victory came under a -13 temperature. It was a cold wind in the coldest game in NFL history.

2.     The Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons 2010 Season: Tramon’s Pick-Six

Every Packers fan who saw the 2010 Super Bowl season must have been delighted watching the team defeat the Falcons in their hometown. It was indeed a turning point moment for Tramon Williams while the Falcons were trying to scrape together the last-minute magic. Tramon returned Matt Ryan interception 70 yards for a pick-six, turning a game that was supposed to be a tie into a win of 28-14.

While Aaron Rodgers will be remembered as the star from that game, fans will always remember that without the impressive tactics from Tramon, the Packers wouldn’t have had the opportunity to emerge winners and, of course, beat the Atlanta Falcons in their hometown.

3.      The Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys (2014 Season)

Their game from the 2014 season remains one of the greatest moments for the Packers. Although it seemed like a good game for the Cowboys, who were on the verge of winning, the Packers overtook them with a score of 26-21. Unarguably, for the Packers at this time, winning the game was surely helped when it was determined that “Dez didn’t catch it.”

4.      The Green Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys (2016 season)

In the history of the Playoffs, teams have returned to play against each other from time to time. The Packers and the Dallas Cowboys have had to meet more than once, with the Packers always seizing the chance to win against the Cowboys.

The 2016 season game played in January 2017 at AT&T Stadium will always be remembered by the impressive performance of the Packers led by Mason Crosby against the Dallas Cowboys. Of course, Mason’s kick at the end of the game scored the Packers a win.

Crosby’s kick will always be remembered as one of the great Playoff moments for the Packers.

5.      The First Super Bowl Games (NFL World Championship Game) of 1967

If there’s one moment the Packers will always cherish, it’s emerging the first-ever winners of the Super Bowl – that’s a recognition no one could ever take away from them.

The game was at the Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, which saw the Green Bay Packers score 35-10 against the Kansas City Chiefs. Indeed, it was a thrilling moment for the Packers and their fans. And, over the years, with their consistent wins in the games, this has gained the team more popularity and talking points.

Final Notes

There have been so many great memories in the history of the Super Bowls. Every team has witnessed highs and lows. For the Packers, there have been so many great moments to look back on with pride.