News recently broke that Aaron Rodgers finally committed to the Green Bay Packers after months of uncertainty and claims that he could potentially leave the NFL franchise by signing a mammoth contract.

Ian Rapoport of had reported that the quarterback and the team had agreed to a deal that would extend his stay in Wisconsin for another four years with it thought to have been worth $200 million, with $153 million said to be in guaranteed money.

The status and the details of that contract have now been confirmed, (4 years, $186 million with $150 million guaranteed). This is exciting news for everyone associated with the Green Bay Packers as it means they can fully focus on trying to win the Super Bowl with their main man, and the league’s current MVP.

However, will Rodgers actually be able to win his second Super Bowl with the team?

Some will feel they have a great chance

Indeed, there will be many that will believe that the quarterback will finally be able to get his second ring in the near future now that the mess regarding his future and the contract situation appears to have been solved, or at least coming to a conclusion.

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With clarity over the situation, it could be argued that Rodgers will now be able to fully focus on his football and continue to be as great as he has proven to be throughout his career. Of course, whilst he had all of this going on in the background, as well as dealing with injuries such as turf toe, he did manage to win his fourth MVP crown and for the second year in a row.

Many will suggest that if he was able to do that with all of the distractions that he faced, then it will be incredibly exciting to see what he can do when there are no external obstacles in his path.

The NFC route may have gotten easier

The path to the Super Bowl is always incredibly difficult, however the offseason may have made things easier for the Packers and Rodgers in their quest to win another Super Bowl.

Indeed, there have been a number of trades to have happened that could have had a significant influence on their chances, with a couple of teams in the NFC having experienced some rather blockbuster moves that may have a positive impact on the Packers’ chances.

Although not directly affecting them in regard to divisions, the Seattle Seahawks have seen Russell Wilson be traded to AFC side Denver Broncos which means there is one less effective quarterback in the NFC, whilst the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be reeling following the retirement of Tom Brady.

The GOAT of American Football has decided to call it a day in the sport and there will be a number of teams around the league that will have been delighted that they no longer have to go up against him.

The AFC is perhaps the stronger conference in regard to quarterbacks, which could then provide the Packers with an advantage when they look to try and dominate the NFC, as Rodgers is arguably the best to still remain.

Final Thoughts

Naturally, it is incredibly hard to try and predict whether a team will be able to win the Super Bowl as every team has the same chance, however there will be some that will suggest that Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers have as good an opportunity as anybody else.

With the contract situation seemingly sorted and a number of offseason moves to have benefited the franchise indirectly, we might see the four-time MVP obtain his second ring in the upcoming season, especially as he no longer has any potential distractions.