Not even a global health crisis could extinguish football fans and players’ raging passion in the upcoming season of the National Football League or NFL this September 2022. Whether you are looking forward to the celebrity-packed Super Bowl halftime shows or the old-fashioned hotdogs and beer, American football is undoubtedly a beloved sport of many.

Along with the game of football comes the allure of gambling. With the cheap fun and potential profit of sports betting, which teams are you eyeing to wager on for the 103rd NFL season? Who do you think among the thirty-two teams will prevail? Who should you place a bet on?

Well, here are five reasons to bet on the Green Bay Packers for this year’s season:

The Accuracy of Aaron Rodgers

The Packers would not be the Packers without its most prominent player, the reigning Most Valuable Player or MVP of the NFL: Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers started playing for the team in 2005 as a quarterback and has since spent his highly-acclaimed career in Green Bay. After he had announced his return to the team this year, the odds were only looking better for the Packers.

The starting quarterback is best known for the superior accuracy of his passes and his arm strength, spatial awareness, and mobility. Last year, he had the second-best passer rating of 104.5, attesting to his excellent quarterback play. Furthermore, he has taken home just about four MVP awards, also trailing second in winning the most number of MVPs.

The Coaching of Matt LaFleur

Winning thirteen games each for the Green Bay Packers in his first three seasons of coaching, totaling thirty-nine wins, is pretty historical for coach Matt LaFleur. Replacing Mike McCarthy, the Packers’ head coach for twelve-straight seasons, LaFleur has well-established his own methods on the team and brought the much-needed changes for their growth and survival.

Their fresh and candid relationship has improved the team’s offense and fueled enthusiasm. LaFleur’s forthright yet empathic leadership has seemingly revived the group from its slump. As the NFL betting for the 103rd season only gets more intense and uncertain, do not forget to look behind the scenes and credit the coaching staff for the team’s overall success.

The Consistent Level of Success

Do you believe that consistency is far better than mere flashes of brilliance? Anyhow, the Packers have an illustrious collection of achievements that shows that the team has always consisted of stellar victors. From winning the most NFL titles in history, they have long proven that they are stars of the league. Consistent success sure may convince you to root for them!

The Green Bay Packers have won nine NFL championships and four Super Bowls, bringing home thirteen titles in all. They also have the second-most number of inductees in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, with 28 individuals from 1963 to 2022. As mentioned earlier, they also have the second-most number of MVP awards, star player Rodgers having won four.

The Strong Team Chemistry

Football is anything but a one-man sport. No matter how good your star player is, the team’s fate lies in every member. That is why all players must be adept at working with one another not only on the playing field but also on psychological affairs that matter to the team’s success. It builds the critical concept of team chemistry among the players.

Packers’ leadership structure, spearheaded by star quarterback Rodgers, is unwavering. With LaFleur and a roster of excellent coaches at the helm, the team is sailing fair and safe. Communication and freedom of expression are constantly fostered in the group, creating space for growth and fun beyond the goal of winning. Sounds like a healthy, winning team.

The Packers Are Owned by The People

Among the 32 teams in the NFL, only the Green Bay Packers are a public franchise. Technically, more than 537,000 shareholders own a piece of Packers. It is shared ownership wherein fans can directly associate and support the team when they buy common stock and see their donations reach charity organizations in the team’s name.

While this does not correlate to winning a sports wager or really anything, a sense of solidarity among the players you subscribe to makes the football fan experience more meaningful. In addition, the team’s profits are also redistributed to programs that benefit youth, civic affairs, education, health, and other welfare-related activities. Talk about humility. People own Packers!

Final Thoughts

As the odds are changed, games are won, and games are lost, only one thing is sure; the Green Bay Packers are a formidable team and is a solid bet to win this year! Keep in mind the reasons discussed above, review the team’s past performance and key characteristics, and see if you might want to bet on the side of Green Bay!