These two Packers kickers, Mason Crosby, and Pat O’Donnell, started out as foes. But after the courageous act O’Donnell showed against the ones they call the Chicago Bears, Crosby knew maybe someday, they could become friends. Friends who ride majestic, translucent steeds, shooting flaming arrows across the bridge of Hemdale. Or is it the mists of Avalon? Either way, it’s pretty cool.

Until he could find a home of his own, O’Donnell moved into Crosby’s home. The Packers Specialists then asked the famous question raised by Dale and Brennan from the movie “Step Brothers,” Did we just become best friends? Yep!

After spending eight seasons with NFC North rivals, the Chicago Bears, Pat O’Donnell signed a two year contract with the Packers. This united him with Mason Crosby whom he knew from the twice a year meetings between the Packers and Bears. He also knew him from them both being their team’s representatives in the NFL Players Association. During the free agency period, Crosby and O’Donnell’s wives even spoke about the chances of them uniting in Green Bay. They’ve now been brought together where their kicking duo will become the biggest and the best. Maybe they’ll call it, Packers Prestige Worldwide.

Building a chemistry

Crosby and O’Donnell have already successfully built the coolest bunkbeds together, as you can see from their Twitter accounts:

That’s a start. With O’Donnell likely becoming Crosby’s holder for Field Goal attempts, they’re going to need to accomplish a lot more than that on the football to help their team to a Super Bowl. Last year was terrible for Mason Crosby. He missed, a career-high, nine field goal attempts. But it wasn’t all on Crosby. Corey Bojorquez took over for JK Scott holding kicks after camp. While Steven Wirtel took over for Hunter Bradley at long-snapping duties midway through the season, this never really allowed a chemistry to build between these three.

The bond that O’Donnell and Crosby already share will likely improve that. O’Donnell has already said that he takes a lot of pride in holding, just like he does punting. Packers new Special Teams coach, Rich Bisaccia, echoes this, saying O’Donnell is a wonderful holder who’s been doing it for a long time. With trust built between Kicker and Holder, the Packers kicking game won’t go the way of Dale and Brennan’s Dad’s boat, The Gilded Lady (R.I.P.). I think we’ll see great improvement in the Field Goal attempts this season.

What about Punting?

Now, I’m not sure if Pat O’Donnell’s singing voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus, but, he’s a pretty decent Punter. Corey Bojorquez started out strong for the Packers last year, but faded towards the end. This was maybe attributed to the cold weather rolling into Green Bay. This will not be a problem for O’Donnell as he’s been accustomed to the weather, given his years in Chicago. Perhaps one of the best stats for O’Donnell is that he has never had a single punt returned for a touchdown in his NFL career; which when you look at last years special teams unit, that stat would be a godsend.

Under the guidance of Bisaccia, the only way to trend for the Packers Specialists is up. This year, the Super Bowl shall be called the Catalina Wine Mixer, featuring Packers Prestige Worldwide.

Greg Meinholz is a lifelong devoted Packer fan. A contributor to PackersTalk as well as CheeseheadTV. Follow him on Twitter at @gmeinholz. for Packers commentary, random humor, beer endorsements, and occasional Star Wars and Marvel ramblings.