The Time is Now for Josh Myers to Take Over

It was the 2021 Offseason, Free Agency had just run it’s course, and the Green Bay Packers found themselves with a hole in their Offensive Line to fill. Seven-year starting Center, Corey Linsley had cashed in on a five-year deal with the Chargers, and the Packers needed a new starting Center. The Center position had always been solid for the Packers during Linsley’s tenure, and a new heir to that position was crucial. That heir-apparent came on Day 2 of the 2021 NFL Draft when the Packers selected Josh Myers out of Linsley’s alma mater, Ohio State. Many were already saying Josh Myers is the next Corey Linsley.

Right out of the gate through OTA’s and Training Camp, it was almost obvious that Myers was going to be the guy to snap the ball for Aaron Rodgers. He went on to start the first five out of six games of the season until a knee injury knocked him onto Injured Reserve until Week 18. So Josh Myers never had the chance his rookie year to establish himself completely. With a healthy return to the offseason program, ready to start Year 2, the time is now for Josh Myers to take over.

Josh Myers

Aaron Rodgers Trusts Him

Those words might as well be the deciding factor on any player’s resume on the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers spoke very highly of Josh Myers last year even after injuries knocked him out the majority of the season. The Quarterback/Center bond is one that many don’t speak about, but it might be one of the most important. The timing of the snap can throw off the entire offense. If Rodgers calls a quick audible, Myers needs to be the one to insure the Offensive Line’s protection is adjusted immediately as well. If he doesn’t pull it off, Rodgers is never shy to get in his ear about it. Myers is ready for the next step.

Josh Myers

Securing the Offensive Line

In the 2021 Season, the Packers had different Offensive Linemen playing everywhere due to injuries. One would think this would be a recipe for disaster. But miraculously, each lineman played the position asked of them as if it was their 16-game assignment. This allowed Aaron Rodgers to achieve his fourth MVP season. That leaves the Packers with a bevy of riches on the O-line heading in to 2022. With about seven solid options to start and a pool of promising rookies just getting started, the Packers offense could benefit again in the trenches.

Considering the potential shown by Josh Myers and the glowing endorsement from his Hall of Fame Quarterback, it’s odd to say he’s one of the least experienced Offensive Linemen on the team. Outside of the rookies, of course. The opportunity to become a main-stay on that line is right out in front of him on a platter. It’s time for Josh Myers to cease every opportunity and pave his way to a spot in the Packers Hall of Fame.

Greg Meinholz is a 24/7/365 Packers fan. When he’s not spending time with his family, he can be found meditating in his Packers shrine with a good beer. You can follow him on twitter at @gmeinholz.