When it comes to greatness, the legendary team Green Bay Packers should top your list. Not only because it is the most successful franchise in the National Football League history but also because of its achievements. It is the only football team in history to win five league championships in 7 years. To make it more impressive, they’ve twice won championships three times in a row, solidifying their place as one of the greatest NFL teams.

Unfortunately, the team has struggled to get back on the big stage in recent years. Their last championship appearance was in 2010 when they won their last Super Bowl. But, with the new season just around the corner, will they be able to bring their team to the spotlight again? Are we going to witness a triumphant comeback?

Aaron Rodgers

On a successful team, there is usually a great quarterback leading the victory, and one of them is Aaron Rodgers. He is a four-time MVP and a future Hall of Famer in the NFL, leading the Packers to win Super Bowl XLV with his passing performance.

With his phenomenal plays and skills, he is undoubtedly one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. However, after winning their fourth Super Bowl, the team has been in a drought seeking another championship. Despite Aaron Rodgers’s significant performance in the past seasons, the team still fell short of claiming another Super Bowl.

For the upcoming season, the Packers are fifth in the NFL lines of winning the next Super Bowl this 2023. It shows that their window of opportunity to win the tournament is within reach as the stakes are now high.

Fresh from Injuries

Injuries have never been good for any professional sport, especially football. However, for the upcoming season, three of the Packers’ players on offense, Bakhtiari, Jenkins, and Tonyan, are returning from ACL injuries.

Adding the two tackles back to the roster will surely help the Packers increase their chances of winning the Super Bowl again. The pressure they take off of their quarterback should allow him to maximize his performance.

As for Tonyan, he is still an unknown factor due to his performance during the 2021 season. If he can bring back his performance from 2020, where he became a big factor for the team with 52 catches and 11 touchdowns; the Packers will be in a good position.

Davante Adams Departure

One of the NFL’s recent and most head-turner trades was with Davante Adams. He was a star wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers with 123 catches last season. With his one-of-a-kind connection with the legendary quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the two have made significant plays that brought the team to victory throughout their career.

With his departure from the team, the offense of the Packers is now in question. Though the Packers have capable wide receivers on the team, such as Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb, there is still no guarantee how big of a factor Davante’s loss will be. However, if the team can pull through without his receiving prowess, their window for a championship is still intact.

Campbell’s Impact

The Packers re-signed the All-Pro linebacker De’Vondre Campbell this offseason. His performance was a pleasant surprise in 2021 with 145 tackles. With Campbell included in the team, it’s another added weapon for helping the Packers’ defense.

His defensive prowess can significantly impact the team, allowing for potential interceptions and defensive stops that can open opportunities for the Packers.

Boosting Defense

The current roster changes and players returning to the team significantly boost the Packer’s defense. During the 2021 season, the team struggled at times with their defense due to problems with execution in the game.

But with the team’s current status, they’re carefully plugging up the holes in defense with the addition of Jarran Reed, Rasul Douglas, De’Vondre Campbell, Quay Walker, and Devonte Wyatt.

Final Thoughts

Ending the championship drought for the Green Bay Packers has been the primary objective for the past 12 years. Their chances of claiming the Super Bowl again are promising for this upcoming season. With the new roster changes of the Packers, it has become a team that can contend for the championship again.