ESPN recently released their ranking for the top 10 QBs in the league entering into the 2022 season. The top player in their rankings was none other than Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.

In leading up to the 2022 season, ESPN has surveyed 50 NFL executives around the league. The goal in these polls are to determine a top 10 at each position. Is it filler, fluff content? Absolutely. Is it a chance for Packers fans to brag about having the best quarterback in the NFL? You’re darn right.

It was not that long ago that Mike McCarthy was leading this offense down a dark road. 2018 saw the Packers struggle to a 6-9-1 record. The media was attacking the future Hall of Fame QB, claiming he was over the hill. Rodgers completion percentage, TD percentage, and QBR were down significantly in the sputtering offense.

Boy, does that feel like a lifetime ago. Since then, Rodgers has put forth back to back NFL MVP seasons and silenced the haters.

Rodgers edges out Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes in this poll. The two are often compared due to their gaudy numbers and similar style of play. One could argue the highlight reels of these two phenoms are unmatched by anyone to pick up a football in the history of the game.

It is also Mahomes that will get to play with Rodgers old toy in MVS. Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers will face his most difficult test yet this season with the current weapons at his disposal. It has been discussed at length the lack of established weapons the Packers receiving core enters 2022 with. While the potential of the young pass catchers is there, Rodgers has been vocal about the importance of production.

Is the four time NFL MVP up for the challenge in 2022? Can his elite play elevate that of the rest of this offense? These are the questions that have been burning in every cheesehead’s mind. These are the questions that have been debated nonstop on every media outlet since the trade of Davante Adams.

With 61 days until the Packers kick off week 1 against the Vikings, that question will soon be answered.


Zach has been a lifelong Packers fan since his earliest memories of Brett Favre\\\'s Super Bowl win in Super Bowl XXXII. A proud shareholder of the team, he bleeds Green and Gold despite being born and raised in New Jersey. You can follow him on twitter at @RapMasterZach.