Is Aaron Rodgers the best quarterback in the league?

Few NFL players have been as present as the legendary Aaron Rodgers, who has spent the past 17 seasons with the Green Bay Packers. In that time, he has gained praise from far and wide, becoming one of the best quarterbacks the league has ever seen.

After an impressive spell at Butte Community College and the California Golden Bears, where he broke several passing records, Rodgers was selected by the Packers in the 2005 NFL Draft. Since then, he has excelled, slowly becoming the driving power behind the four-time Super Bowl winners.

At 38, he is approaching the twilight of his career. Many thought he might retire after the end of the 2021-2022 season, especially as it ended with heartbreak as the Packers crashed out to the San Francisco 49ers.

Despite the setback, many NFL experts tip Rodgers to guide the Packers to at least one more Super Bowl triumph. Last season, he won a fourth MVP award, which shows how important he is to the team.

Sports bettors and bookies are increasingly liking the Packers’ chances as well, notably after Rodgers announced he was staying for another season. With odds of around +1100, they are among the top five favorites to win the 2023 Super Bowl.

As more states legalize online sports betting, bettors can increasingly enjoy making predictions. For example, several Kansas sportsbooks now exist after new legislation was passed in May 2022.

Check these platforms out and take advantage of the various welcome offers and bonus promotions to boost your bankroll. The Packers look like a sensible bet for the upcoming season. With Aaron Rodgers at the helm, anything is possible.

Is he really the best quarterback in the NFL right now? Even approaching the end of his career, many people think so. Keep reading for an overview of why.


Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers chasing glory

The Green Bay Packers training camp officially started in July, six months after their heartbreaking end to the previous season against the 49ers. Rodgers was in a jovial mood, cracking jokes with his teammates and generally giving off a relaxed air.

While this is good news for Packers fans, there is a lot riding on the season ahead. Despite the high-profile loss of Davante Adams, a Super Bowl appearance is still the main expectation. The Packers last won a Super Bowl in 2010, so the hunt is on.

Guess which player picked up the Super Bowl XLV MVP award that year? Who else but Aaron Rodgers, the driving force behind that triumph.

The time is ticking for the Packers if they want to win another Super Bowl with Rodgers at the helm. Hopefully, this gives them a well-needed push to succeed. The accomplished coach Matt LaFleur is there to guide them, so the odds are in their favor.

Aaron Rodgers: His career so far

It’s rare to find an NFL star who has spent his whole career with one team nowadays, but Aaron Rodgers embodies this sense of loyalty. He started out at Pleasant Valley in Chico, California. Despite impressive high school football statistics, his diminutive physical stature meant he didn’t get the attention he deserved.

Rodgers wanted to attend Florida State but was rejected, eventually settling for Butte Community College just down the road from his hometown. While there, he was scouted by the California Golden Bears, completing a switch to Berkeley due to an impressive academic record.

He was vital to the California team, powering them to a 10-1 record in 2004 and a top-five ranking at the end of the season.

Rodgers also set a school record for 26 consecutive completed passes, narrowly missing out on the overall NCAA record for most consecutive passes in a game. His stats at the end of the season read 2,556 passing yards, 24 touchdowns and eight interceptions.

These impressive numbers made Rodgers a hot prospect in the 2005 NFL Draft. Although he expected to be picked by the San Francisco 49ers, they chose Alex Smith instead. As a result, Rodgers slipped down to 24th pick, where the Packers opted for him as a long-term replacement for Brett Favre.

His first couple of years at the Packers was as a backup before transitioning to a starter in 2008. He quickly proved his quality, almost instantly becoming one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

In the years since, Rodgers has been an ever-present part of the team. He rarely dips below 4,000 passing yards a season and is instrumental to the Packers’ offensive capabilities.

Could Aaron Rodgers be the best quarterback ever?

Although others, such as Tom Brady, are ultimately ahead of Aaron Rodgers in the best quarterbacks of all time rankings, his performances for the Packers over the last decade and a half have been exemplary.

There is still time for Rodgers to assert himself as the best of all time, and it all starts with leading his team to a fifth Super Bowl triumph.



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