Packers Rivalries over the years: Who are Green Bay Packers’ biggest rivals?

A sport without a rivalry and a bit of drama is incomplete. You need a flavor of staring, confrontations, and hard tackles to keep the audience interested in the game. In the NFL, being an epitome of physicality and brute force, rivalries are part and parcel.

While the Green Bay Packers are one of the most storied franchises in football history, they have developed a fascinating set of rivals throughout their history. With a history dating back to 1919, the Packers have had a professional football franchise for over a century.

The Green Bay Packers had been a bad boy of the class. After giving collegiate players false names, the Packers were kicked out of the APFA (American Professional Football Association) and later re-established.

Green Bay became the only franchise in the NFL that is publicly owned in 1923 when the team’s personnel faced financial troubles.

Their first three consecutive titles were won in 1929, 1930, and 1931. The franchise boasts 782 wins against 581 losses and 38 ties, making it one of the strongest in NFL history. With 4 of 5 Super Bowl appearances to their credit, they have won 13 championships.

The best rivalries of the Packers

Chicago Bears

This is one of the greatest rivalries in NFL history or even in sports. It goes back to some 100 years when the Bears humiliated the Packers, igniting the flame of competition between the two teams. For decades, both teams have provided some of the greatest games.

Besides, the rivalry is not limited to the teams. The fans also despair over each other. The atmosphere in the stadium is always electrifying, and this is a generational feud on full display when both teams play. Overall, the Packers lead the score with 103-95-6, including post-season games.

Minnesota Vikings

The battle of NFC North is not hidden from anyone. Whenever the Packers and Vikings meet, they give everything. The Packers have a lead in overall score with 64-56-3. Recently, the Vikings have been a thorn in the Packers side, with five wins in the last ten games. The rivalry is not contested in a friendly spirit, and they have battled out in some of the greatest clashes in history.

The most memorable meeting between the two would probably be in 2000. It had one of the shocking finishes when Antonio Freeman caught a 43-yard pass from Favre in overtime. All of us still remember the dramatic catch. The ball hit the legs of Freeman and bounced, leading to a catch.

Dallas Cowboys

Recent matchups may not advocate the rivalry. But rest assured, the Packers and the Cowboys have a nudge. There is always a rift between the two when they meet. In the 90s, the Cowboys dominated the Packers. However, in the early years, the Packers had an upper hand. This includes two consecutive championship matches in 1966-67.

The Ice Bowl remains their top match. In harsh conditions, the Packers scored late with just a few seconds left to win that championship game. Further, the Packers lead in the all-time score 20-17, including the last meeting, which the Cowboys lost.

Detroit Lions

It would be considered a friendly rivalry because the Lions are no match for the Packers. But the Lions are always on the hunt for an opening and looking for an upset. There have been several encounters in which the NFL odds would favor the Packers, and the Lions would steal the show. In the overall record, the Packers are way ahead. The most memorable meeting of the two would be the 2015 season match in which Aaron Rodgers scored in the last seconds with a Hail Mary pass.


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