The Green Bay Packers defense has struggled mightily against the run this season, but one facet the team can brag about is the pass rush led by Rashan “Bane” Gary.

To call the success of outside linebacker Rashan Gary a “rise” can be somewhat of a stretch; the 24-year-old former first-round selection did end last season with 9.5 sacks.

The pace of Gary this season is unprecedented, and a pass rush specialist the Packers have not possessed since Clay Matthews. His five sacks through four games are only one behind the leader in all of football Nick Bosa (also from the 2019 draft class).

With every quarterback that goes down from the strength and speed of Gary, his price goes up. Gary’s rookie contract is up next year, and he will likely look to work out an extension sooner rather than later.

After recently resigning opposite pass-rushing linebacker Preston Smith, it seems the same will be done in the case of Gary; except with a much larger number.

When selected 12th overall by the Packers in 2019, a lot of Packer fans and media alike were torn on the pick. Gary was the best high school recruit in his entire class when he committed to Michigan and did not entirely live up to the expectations in college, even if injuries played a larger role in this case than the actual talent.

The ceiling for Gary was certainly there, however. At nearly 6’5 and weighing almost 280 lbs, the former Michigan man blew away scouts at the 2019 combine by running a 4.58 40-yard dash and posting a 38-inch vertical leap. Incredible measurements for someone of his stature.

The ability Gary has to get to the quarterback, and also an improved ability to get to the opposing running back has Gary on the cusp of reaching elite company on the defensive side of the ball. He has played a significant role in the Packers winning three straight games this season.

With such a fast start to the season, the Packers are now looking like geniuses with the pick back in 2019, especially when realizing that Gary was the fourth pass rusher selected in the first round.

It is a reach to ever predict the longevity or success of any player’s career in such a physically draining league, but at this rate, Gary has a chance to shatter Matthews team sack record of 83.5 sacks.

As a Green Bay fan, it is a luxury to sit back and realize that Rashan “Bane” Gary is only 24 years old and just coming into his own.

If the OG Bane is responsible for breaking the Batman; Green Bay’s version will be responsible for doing the same to opposing quarterbacks for many seasons to come.