The Green Bay Packers are a name cemented into the NFL’s history, although this season has been a cause for concern. It would be ridiculous and foolish to suggest that the Packers are doing well this season; they are a team on the ropes for all intents and purposes. It isn’t exactly the most practical way of putting it, but they have the slimmest of margins for error. How they successfully turn this season around is anybody’s guess.

When it comes to the biggest prize in football, the Packers are a team that holds more titles than any other team in the history of the NFL. For this reason, they should never be written off; according to The Game Day, they still have a shot of getting to the Super Bowl this year. However, we wouldn’t put all our eggs in that basket. Today, we’ll examine how the Packers can bounce back from this disastrous start to the season and see if any of their star players can get them out of the sludge.

Since the early 90s, the Packers have reached the playoffs over 20 times. This isn’t new information to any Packers fans, so the 2022 frustration is visceral at the moment.

The Packers want to ensure that their star players operate to their full potential. Aaron Rodgers is a name that holds serious weight in the National Football League. Rodgers is widely considered to be one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the sport. Not only does he hold several personal records, but he also has the performances and the quality to back them up. In addition to this, he has scooped up several personal accolades.

Many critics and analysts consider Aaron Rodgers to be the greatest quarterback in the game’s history. While the debate on that topic is hotly contested, he is definitely in one of the greatest players in that position. However, given that he is approaching the latter stages of his career, the Packers will be hoping some of their rising stars can pick up the baton instead.

This may sound like an unfair snipe at such a legendary player, but he definitely needs more support to flourish at the level he has in the last decade. However, there needs to be more to explain why the Packers are in such dire straits.

Whether it is the fact he is towards the twilight of his career, Rodgers has been one of the worst-performing quarterbacks in the division in 2022 and has faced stern criticism. This has caused the Packers to lose the respect of their opponents. This has been painfully evident in many of their games this year.

If the Packers bounce back quickly, they need a collective effort from all their top players. We aren’t singling Rodgers out by any stretch of the imagination. Still, he is their marquee man, and if he isn’t firing on all cylinders, then the Packers won’t be either. This theory certainly holds weight, considering how he has performed and how the team has performed this season.

Some of the players that should take up some of the slack, in addition to Rodgers, include Sammy Watkins. Despite starting the season as a player with some potential, his stats have been very poor. In fact, it helps to explain why the Packers are considered to be at such a difficult point in their season.

It hasn’t been all doom and gloom, though. Rashan Gary and Aaron Jones are two players who have risen to the occasion in this year’s campaign. Unfortunately, Gary suffered a season-ending injury in the loss to Detroit, truly a case of adding “insult to injury.”

Jones has had an inspired season and is pushing some career-best numbers despite the worrisome performances that the Packers have been putting in during this season. Christian Watson, finally healthy, had his coming out party against the Cowboys, electrifying the Lambeau crowd with three touchdown catches.

If the Packers are to fully bounce back this season, they need these key players to be ready to grab whatever is left of this year’s season and apply themselves to get results. This is the ultimate test of their character, and despite Rodgers all but sealing his place in the Hall of Fame, he will not want to go out on a sour note. While it would be a difficult road to find their way into the playoffs, the season is far from over, and there are plenty of potential twists and turns along the way.