In most seasons a late bye week would benefit the Green Bay Packers. With the playoffs on the horizon, the bye would serve as an opportunity to rest, recover, and be ready for the home stretch and the playoffs. However, the 2022 campaign is not most seasons. As fans know the Green Bay Packers are down, but not out, yet. 

As much as I won’t pretend to be the mathematical guru citing various theories that explore how the Packers make the Playoffs. In its most simplistic form, it’s easy. Win. And hope everyone else doesn’t. With some luck, the Packers sneak in. 

What are Packers Fans Cheering for Now?

This topsy-turvy season has left fans in a bit of a conundrum. Do you cheer for their success in a season that could be a complete waste? Or do you cheer for their demise in a season that could be a complete waste? At least in the latter, the Packers land a higher draft pick than usual. But, thumbing your nose at the former means you relinquish the dream. This leads to the philosophical sports talk radio question… Isn’t every season a waste if you don’t win the Super Bowl? 

For me, it’s pretty simple. I live for the dream. The Detroit Lions, the New York Jets, and the Jacksonville Jaguars live for the best draft pick. Every year. One could argue that they too are dreamers. They dream that all those top ten draft picks will materialize and transform their franchise into a consistent winner. One that competes every year for a Super Bowl. Just like, you guessed it, the Green Bay Packers. 

A Packers Run Would be a Magical Story

Sports are a distraction. An escape. If the Packers went on a run the next four weeks and somehow wiggled their way into the playoffs, what difference does it make if they lost in Week 6 to the Jets? Packer Nation would be a jovial place to be. Sportswriters and bloggers like myself would have so much material to write about we wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves. Not to mention all the popup ads our time hammering on keyboards could sell. 

So for those keeping score, my vote is with Al Davis,  just win baby! 

Down, But Not Out, Yet… So You’re Saying there is a Chance

Equally important, I think it necessary to explore the fact that all the NFL geniuses that are now burying the Packers are the same people that projected them to take on the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl this coming February in Arizona. Which is it? I of course realize the Packers’ chances of making the places are slim and none. But there is a chance. 

Where the rubber meets the road for me is this. Underdogs, teams that were bad at one point during the season win championships all the time. Teams that are favored in playoff games get upset year in and year out. See just about every Green Bay Packers team from February 2011 to January 2022. 

If in August many NFL prognosticators were running their yaps about how good the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers were. Why are the Packers garbage now? Yes, there are countless examples between week five and week nine. And some more examples in weeks one, 11, and 12. Sure the evidence is mounting. But my point is the players are the same. The Packers have certainly lost a few players to injury. Especially on the defense. That said, on offense, the Packers are probably as healthy and mature as a team as at any point this season. 

Above all what if (admittedly) by the off chance, the Packers make the playoffs they could be a dangerous team. A rare time they play the underdog and have a chance to crash someone else’s (San Francisco anyone?) Super Bowl dream. I’m a dreamer. As far as I’m concerned, the Green Bay Packers are down, but not out, yet.