The offseason is already here in full swing, so of course many fans are already thinking about the NFL draft. Already, there are trade rumors surrounding Aaron Rodgers and what the Packers might expect to get in return. However, that’s all just speculation, and many fans aren’t enthusiastic about a third-round pick in case there’s a trade.

There’s a widespread perception among the Green Bay Packers fans that the third-round pick has always been terrible. So what are the Packers’ best rounds during the NFL draft, looking at every draft since 1990?

Determining the best

To help NFL sports betting fans at Betway understand the best round for the Packers NFL draft, we decided to look at the data available from 1990 to 2020. Unfortunately, 2021 and 2022 didn’t have enough data, but we still compiled 30 years’ worth of information to consider. This information can also be useful for Betway bettors looking to make the right bets.

So, how did we decide which draft picks should be considered excellent picks? We settled on whether the player picked was awarded any NFL award like All-Pro, Pro Bowl, MVP, Rookie of the year, etc. We also checked whether they were finally inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame. So, let’s get started:

Round 1

Only nine players met our criteria above from 2000-2020 and none from 1990-1999. That means the Green Bay Packers had issues choosing players during the first round in the 90s, but that changed in 2000 starting with Tight End Bubba Franks who made it to three Pro Bowls. Aaron Rodgers (2005) remains the Packers’ most notable pick, together with Clay Matthews (2009) who made it to six Pro Bowls

Round 2

The Packers chose future Hall of Famer LeRoy Butler in 1990 during the second round. The signing of the Lambeau Leap inventor marked the beginning of their success in drafting players in the second round for the next three decades.  

While the Packers are criticized for not choosing a wide receiver in the first round since 2002, they’ve chosen three excellent wide receivers during the second round. That includes Randall Cobb, Davante Adams, and Greg Jennings. They’ve also selected great safeties like Darren Sharper and Leroy Butler in the second round.

Round 3

This is the round that every Packers fan hates, and for good reasons. The team has only chosen four great players during the third round and these guys were picked from 1992-1996, with Antonio Freeman and William Henderson. That’s eliminating James Jones and Morgan Burnett, meaning there isn’t much success here.

Round 4

That’s where the NFL draft gets hard for teams to succeed, although Green Bay has always done well, with five great selections. The Packers have drafted three wonderful players since 2008, including Mike Daniels, Josh Sitton, and David Bakhtiari.

Round 5

The fifth round is the most surprising, but the Packers have signed seven great players. That includes the likes of Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, Dorsey Levens, Aaron Jones, Micah Hyde, and Aaron Kampman. That makes the fifth round extremely successful for Green Bay Packers.

Round 6

Round 6 has always continued the success experienced by Green Bay in the fifth round. The Packers have chosen six great players in the sixth round since 1990, with the selections including Bryce Paup, Marco Rivera, Mark Chmura, Mason Crosby, and Matt Hasselbeck.  

Round 7

Similar to round three, the packers haven’t been very successful in the seventh round. They’ve only made four great selections, including Donald Driver (1999) and Mark Tauscher (2000). They also made another excellent 7th-round pick in 2004 when they signed Scott Wells.