The Green Bay Packers rebuilding may become a reality after news of Aaron Rodgers getting traded was confirmed by him. The real question is if they’re actually going to rebuild though. The team seems to be led by Jordan Love next season and will be missing some familiar faces.

The Packers have yet to make a significant signing in free agency this offseason as they’ve also lost some key players in free agency. Allen Lazard is headed to the Jets while Robert Tonyan joined the Chicago Bears. Packers fans have been waiting for them to make a move and nothing significant has happened despite having over $24 million in cap space.

Despite not making any significant signings the Packers have restructured multiple contracts and kept star running back Aaron Jones in town. It may seem confusing because they’re restructuring their star players and keeping them around but haven’t been improving their team.

The Packers are known for drafting and developing players instead of using free agency so they could be waiting for the draft to add players. They could also be waiting on an Aaron Rodgers trade to be complete to get their full compensation and go from there.

Either way they have a very talented roster without any additions and may see how far Jordan Love can take them. It doesn’t feel like they’re going full rebuild mode and want to remain competitive in an NFC North division that will be up for grabs next season.

Free agents continue to fall off the board everyday. The Packers have re-signed a few key players but have yet to make any sort of splash signing. The direction of the team could be questioned by fans because everyone seems to anxiously be waiting for a move.

There’s still lots of time left in free agency so the Packers still have time to make moves. They still haven’t traded Aaron Rodgers so that’ll likely be the biggest move in this year’s offseason. Only time will tell to determine what direction this team is aiming for.


Javier Delgado is a lifelong Packers fan who is currently majoring in sports journalism at Arizona State University. He writes for and you can follow him on twitter at @javierrdelgadoo.