With the Aaron Rodgers debacle still ongoing, the Green Bay Packers should shift their focus to the upcoming NFL Draft. With a top-15 selection plus other valuable picks, it will be interesting to see which direction Brian Gutekunst goes.

Green Bay’s 2023 class begins with the 15th pick, giving them a lot of potential ways to upgrade their roster. Green Bay has not had a top-15 selection since the 2019 draft when the team selected Michigan LB Rashan Gary.

There are plenty of big names linked to Green Bay this offseason, but a bigger part is how they utilize their mid-round picks to fill out the edges of this roster. It is well documented that Gutekunst basically lights his third-round picks on fire with how poorly they have turned out in his time here, but here are a few prospects that could come off the board around that same time that would help improve his track record.


Jaren Hall – BYU

It is likely that the Packers will be looking to add a QB this offseason to back up Jordan Love, and a great shot at finding that solid backup option would be to draft BYU’s Jaren Hall. Prospects that play for an independent school like BYU have a few more hurdles to overcome to get noticed by NFL teams, but Hall has made a name for himself.

Likely going Day 3, Hall has a solid athletic profile, an above-average arm, and carries himself like a successful QB.


Roschon Johnson – Texas

The future at RB is in flux, as the writing is on the wall for a break-up with Aaron Jones. With AJ Dillon looking like the future starter, this team will need another option – enter in Roschon Johnson.

Johnson would likely command higher draft capital than other sleepers (likely a 3rd-round pick), but the skill set that he brings from his time in college would translate really well to Matt LaFleur’s system. While Johnson may be a little less agile than Jones, he is safe with the ball, has plenty of passing game work, and has a lot of tread left on his tires.


Tucker Kraft – South Dakota State

It is no secret how important it is for Green Bay to find a long-term solution at tight end this offseason, and Tucker Kraft’s receiving abilities should find him on their mid-round list.

While they have already hosted Georgia’s Darnell Washington for a pre-draft visit, Kraft would come with cheaper draft capital and the potential to finally be the first really solid 3rd-round option drafted by Gutekunst. 


Bryce Ford-Wheaton – West Virginia

Currently holding a fifth/sixth-round grade, West Virginia’s Bryce Ford-Wheaton could continue the trend of mid-round WRs that make big-time impacts.

Having another 6’3 wideout who can go up and highpoint the ball would be great for Love, and Ford-Wheaton’s ball-tracking and jumping abilities certainly should put him on the board for Green Bay.


Blake Freeland – BYU

Another BYU prospect on this list is not a bad thing, especially when that second athlete is Blake Freeland. Having played both left and right tackle in college, Freeland has a moldable play style and figure that would be a great project for the Green Bay staff to take on.

While a bit rough on the edges, Freeland offers a high ceiling, especially for a mid-round OL prospect. Even while having one of the best OLs in the entire league (when healthy), Green Bay does need more depth, and Freeland could fill that gap while he catches on to what will make him a successful player at the next level.


Mike Johrendt has been an avid fan of the Packers ever since he can remember. He is now a writer at PackersTalk and you can follow him on Twitter at @MJohrendt23