Being a Green Bay Packers fan living in Missouri, I find myself surrounded by Chiefs fans. Matter of fact, I’m friends with quite a bit of them. One particular friend of mine and I have a traditional dueling mock draft we do every year. We take this dueling mock draft very seriously and do a ton of research to make sure we are prepared! This year I decided to share the results on PackersTalk. This is a Packers Fan’s Dueling Mock Draft with a Chiefs Fan.

So, how does a dueling mock draft work? A dueling mock draft is one where you have two people complete a mock draft together. Usually this means that the participants alternate picks. This Chiefs fan (his name is Luke) and I alternate picks just like this. However, we always make sure to be able to pick for our teams. So sometimes that requires some extra finagling. For example:

This year the Packers select at pick 15 while the Chiefs select at number 31. Because the Dolphins have forfeited their first round pick, this made it to where one of us would have one fewer pick than the other. We decided that I would pick the odd teams while Luke would select for the evens. This would take place all the way to the end of the first round where Luke would be able to pick for the Chiefs right after picking for the Eagles.

This is a straightforward mock draft overall (other than the dueling part) where trades aren’t allowed. After the actual draft is complete, we always go back and see how well we did. Last year wasn’t very good as we only got two picks correct but the year before was quite a bit better where we got eight picks correct. We are hoping to have done better this year!

So how did the mock draft go? The letter “P” represents my pick as the resident Packers fan and the letter “C” represents Luke’s pick as the Chiefs fan. Well check it out:

Results Part 1:

As you can see, some of the picks are starting to come off as almost chalk. But then again, there are several surprises too!

Having Anthony Richardson going to the Texans with the second overall pick was quite the interesting one for sure! I think this is mostly because of the reports about the Texans not being in love with C.J. Stroud. I could see the Texans drafting Will Anderson Jr. too, who went number three overall to the Cardinals. Me and Luke both agree that the Cardinals are probably not going to stay at pick three but trades aren’t allowed in this mock.

Will Levis does seem to be taking a bit of a fall and in this mock draft, he gets picked up by the Titans. There are several teams who are in need of a quarterback who seem to be punting to next year in hopes to get some of the quarterbacks entering next year’s draft including Caleb Williams and Drake Maye.

Jaxon Smith-Njigba fell to the Packers at 15 but it wasn’t an easy selection for me in the least. I debated between four players: JSN, Lucas Van Ness, Brian Branch, and Darnell Wright. JSN, in my opinion, is probably the higher-rated player out of these positions of need – though positional value could knock him off of the Packers board in the first.

The last surprise pick I want to mention is the pick made by Luke for the Ravens in which the Ravens acquire Bijan Robinson. That would be very scary to see Lamar Jackson and Bijan Robinson in the same back field.

Spin the Wheel!

We had so much fun with the dueling mock draft, that we decided to do another one, but this time with a couple of twists. First of all, we switched picks. We picked for all the teams we didn’t pick for before, this meant I made the pick for the Chiefs and Luke made the pick for the Packers. I was evens and he was odds.

We also added a wheel inspired by Bengal on YouTube who did the same thing in a video. The wheel determined what type of pick we would make for each team. This is also made it where trades were possible. This is what the wheel looked like:

We particularly had fun with the reaches categories! A small reach required a reach of about a difference of five on our draft board, a regular reach was 5-10, a medium was 10-20, and a large reach was 20+. Positional values were taken into account here too! This allowed for chaos! And let’s agree, the draft is chaos! Here is how it turned out:

Results Part 2:

As you can see, it was indeed chaotic! Of course, we kept spinning reaches including a large reach at pick two with the Texans. I had them pick Bijan Robinson! Another reach was Keion White at thirteen for the Jets and of course the Packers who pick FAU at 15. Don’t get me wrong! I love FAU but I want him in the second not the FIRST!

We did have one trade where the Eagles traded back with the Texans. The Texans moved in front of the Titans to select Will Levis at number 10. Eagles picked Nolan Smith at number 12. Of course the wheel forced us to choose a QB for the Titans so they selected Hendon Hooker!

Doing this exercise really allowed Luke and I to really dig deep into our board and have fun with the chaos!

Closing Thoughts

Ten out of ten recommend!

These mock drafts aren’t gonna be accurate. Probably not even close and that’s okay! Mock drafts are meant to be fun and give one the opportunity to learn about these new players. Make sure you do your own mock draft! You only have four days before Round One starts! The clock is ticking.


Damon is a diehard, fully-immersed cheesehead who currently lives in southern Missouri. He teaches at a local high school and has a family YouTube channel about all things Packers. You can follow him on twitter at @packersfamily and on YouTube at The Packers Family.