The Packers come into the 2023 season with a completely different look than in years past.

A new Quarterback and multiple veterans leaving the team leaves the Packers with new faces that Packers fans aren’t familiar with.

With a young, in-experienced team, some are wondering whether or not the Packers will be able to have the same success as they have had in years past? Will they be able to at least have a winning season? Here are some things you could expect during the 2023 season.

The outlook

The short answer to all those questions is that the Packers will probably have some struggles in the 2023.  

Keep in mind this team is young and in-experienced. A lot of the players are new and unlike years past, the Packers don’t have too many veterans that have the experience in playing in big time games.

Jordan Love in 2023 Season

Jordan Love will have his struggles during the 2023 season. That is expected with any new quarterback that hasn’t had too much time under center.

Love will have some young receivers to throw to.

With Christian Watson, Romeo Doubs, Samori Toure and new rookies Jayden Reed and Dontayvion Wicks, Love will need to develop trust and rely on those receivers to make plays.

Love will also have a new group of tight ends to work with.  Both Luke Musgrave and Tucker Kraft have the ability to stretch the field and both have looked great in OTA’s.

Once the season come around though, that will be the true test for Love. Just like when Aaron Rodgers took over for Brett Favre, all eyes will be on Love and how he performs.

Keep in mind though, it took some time for Rodgers to develop into the quarterback he is now. Rodgers did make some mistakes during his first season at Quarterback, he did rebound from those mistakes.

What Love will do remains unanswered for now but we will find out once the season starts.

The running game and defense

The Packers running game and defense will have to perform at their best if the Packers are going to have any success in 2023.

The Running Back tandem of AJ Dillon and Aaron Jones will have to carry the load in order for Love and the passing game to work. It can’t be all on Love.

Dillon and Jones though are more than capable of doing that. They’ve proved that the last two seasons and I do expect the offense to be more run heavy this season.

The Packers defense must return to the form they had in late 2021, the same defense that stuffed the 49ers offense in the 2021 Divisional playoff game. They’ll need to force turnovers and make big plays.

The Packers have spent significant draft picks and money on their defense in the past couple of years, so it is expected that this defense will be able to carry in the load for the Packers in 2023.

The 2023 has a lot of questions that Packers fans will hope to be answered soon, be as we learned when Rodgers took over at quarterback. Sometimes all we need is some patience and maybe one day we’ll look back at this article and ask ourselves why did we have these questions about the future of the Packers.


Hau Khuong has been a Packers fan since 1996. He currently works as a video editor in Green Bay and writes for and you can follow him on twitter at @HauKhuongSports.