It’s no surprise that, when you think of a first-time starting quarterback, your mind also drifts to who on the offense will help take on some of the burden to make that transition easy. For the Green Bay Packers, their lack of proven veteran talent at wide receiver leaves one likely option for that role – Aaron Jones.

Already adored in the Green Bay community for both his on-field and off-field performance, Jones is the perfect option to help Jordan Love assume the role of starting QB. With a discounted contract in tow and a desire to remain with the Packers for the rest of his career, Jones should be in for a huge year.

Both Jones and AJ Dillon will be counted on more this year as Love settles in, and Matt LaFleur must be aware of that too. Feeding his 1-2 backfield punch at least 22 carries per game is imperative to the success of both Love and the team as a whole.

Why Aaron Jones

Jones is ready for another career year, and as long as the offensive line is healthy and gels, then he should have no issues setting career marks. It’s in the realm of possibilities that Jones sets career highs in touches and TDs, all while taking pressure away from Love.

There have been plenty of issues across the past few seasons with LaFleur not utilizing Jones enough. And if that happens this year it’s going to be a real hard pill to swallow – but there are enough pieces in motion for the offense that should shift that mindset to being more run-focused.

Jones has set the table for another career year because of how well he has performed over the past four seasons. Expecting a high touch year for Jones is more than realistic, it’s almost a necessary outcome.

At his ceiling, Jones could very well eclipse his 2019 rushing stats (236 carries, 1,084 yards, 16 TDs) and his 2022 receiving stats (59 receptions, 395 yards, 5 TDs) this season. If he is utilized this much, then Green Bay is actively setting up Love to be successful while making sure their star players step up.

Love will certainly get his moments to establish a rapport with Christian Watson, Romeo Doubs, Jayden Reed, and others, but Jones likely will be the main catalyst this year. Provided the offensive game plan decides to actually utilize their star running back, of course.


Mike Johrendt has been an avid fan of the Packers ever since he can remember. He is now a writer at PackersTalk and you can follow him on Twitter at @MJohrendt23