Jordan Love and the Green Bay Packers will take on Cincinnati for their first preseason game of the year. But before they meet at Paycor Stadium on Friday night, they practiced with the Bengals today.

Practicing against another team is always a nice change of pace for the players. Instead of hitting your own guys, you get to hit someone else. And there was plenty of that.

A couple of scrums broke out during practice. Elgton Jenkins was in the middle of both.

Jordan Love and the Green Bay Packers in a joint practice with the Bengals.

After the second fight, Jenkins was kicked out of practice after taking a swing at Bengal’s defensive tackle, DJ Reader.

That seemed to be the biggest storyline surrounding the practice. But afterward, some of the Packers beat writers got to interview some of the Bengals players.

One of those players was veteran cornerback, Mike Hilton. He got some first-hand experience with Jordan Love’s throws, intercepting him in the joint practice.

He was asked about his thoughts on Jordan Love and how he looked today.

Hilton has been in the league for a while. He spent four years in Pittsburgh before signing with their AFC rival, Cincinnati, two years ago.

You can take the compliment with a grain of salt if you’d like. But an opposing player like Hilton, a cornerback, could have given a vanilla answer and your general vague compliment. He could have even talked about how he wasn’t impressed with Love.

But Hilton gave thoughtful responses about Jordan Love. That should be an encouraging sign for Packers fans.

Love says the plan is for him to play a few series against the Bengals on Friday night. So we’ll get to see him in action against (most of) the Bengals’ first-team defense. It will give us a good look at how he and this Packers offense looks.