Before the analysis of the game between the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots, thoughts and prayers for Isaiah Bolden who suffered a significant injury that rightfully suspended the game early in the fourth. This was tough to watch and we all hope for good news and a quick recovery.

The Patriots and the Packers are just about tired of seeing each other at this point. They met twice for joint-practices this week on Wednesday and Thursday. The Green Bay Packers won practice on Wednesday and the Patriots dominated a frisky Thursday practice. The competition has been great so far. The question is, how did the game go on Saturday?

Let’s start with the overall competition. Before the game even started, a fight broke out. It was nothing as serious as what took place in practice, but the competitive spirit has been and was high throughout the game.

Analysis of Jordan Love and The Packers First Team Offense

analysis jordan love being protected in patriots preseason game

The Packers first possession began with Aaron Jones’ one rush on the game. The Packers continued to run the ball effectively until Zach Tom was called for an illegal man down field penalty on a failed screen pass. The very next play Josh Meyers and Jordan Love misconnected on a shotgun snap which ended being recovered by the Patriots.

Green Bay’s second attempt on offense had some movement. Love threw a perfect pass for a first down to Romeo Doubs. But the drive ultimately stalled. One note: the Packers did keep Love and the offense out on the field on a fourth and five to see if Love’s hard count could draw the Patriots offsides. Love’s hard count had drawn the Patriots offsides a couple of times in practice.

Love received a third attempt with the first team offense and it was worth it. The Packers found themselves backed up on their side of the field on the seven yard line. Love threw a deep ball to Doubs on the right sideline which initially was ruled incomplete. But after a challenge by Coach LaFleur, it was seen that Doubs was able to get both feet inbounds. The deep ball was successful for a gain of 42 yards.

Love ran for another first down and received an additional 15-yards on a penalty. On second-and-five, Love threw a strike to Jayden Reed (thanks to a fantastic block by AJ Dillon) for a nineteen-yard touchdown. Love finished the game five of eight for 84 and the touchdown. Love is improving which is good news for the Packers.

Analysis of the Packers Defense

The Packers first team defense looked great tonight. They were put into a bad position to start, but after that initial Patriots drive, the Packers stopped the Mac Jones led offense.

We don’t need any further analysis of JJ Enagbare. He feasted during the game, making several great plays including two two sacks on Mac Jones, a forced fumble, and the fumble recovery. This is exciting especially while Rashan Gary works his way back from last year’s ACL tear.

Finally, the Packers have some great young talent on the defensive line. Colby Wooden and Karl Brooks seriously look like draft steals this early on in the season. Karl Brooks found himself in the backfield on multiple occasions, disrupting the Patriots offense.

Packers’ UDFA

The Packers undrafted free-agent rookies Malik Heath and Emmanuel Wilson are making a huge case to make the final 53-man roster. After a two touchdown, 111-yard rushing game last week against the Bengals, Wilson continued his success with a 63-yard day. Wilson was looking very explosive throughout the game tonight.

Malik Heath had five receptions four 75 yards on the day. He continuously worked himself into position to extend drives. At one point, Sean Clifford threw what looked like an ill-advised throw into a group of Patriot players, but somehow Malik Heath leapt over all of the defenders and came down with the catch.

The Packers are honestly going to have to make some tough decisions due to the play of these undrafted free-agent rookies.

Sean Clifford

Backup quarterback Sean Clifford played well last week against the Bengals and he continued that against the Patriots. Clifford ended the night 13 of 19 for 137 yards and had the Packers in position to score again before the game was suspended. He has the arm strength for success and he isn’t afraid to throw the ball into tight windows. Sean Clifford is a baller. ‘Nuff said.

Sadly, the game ended early due to a terrible injury to Patriots corner Isaiah Bolden. The Patriots reported that Isaiah had feeling in his extremities which is fantastic news. Life is so much bigger than football and the real MVPs of this game are the coaches and decision makers for both teams. There was no hesitation to suspend the game from either coach.

This was for sure the right decision.

The game ended Patriots 21 Packers 17.

Go Pack Go.


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