Thursday night against the Lions could not have gone worse. Well, I guess it could have if you look at what just happened to the Broncos last week, but you know what I mean! The Green Bay Packers were thoroughly dominated. Part of the reason (not all of the reason) was the fact that the Packers have so many injuries. What is a team in the NFL supposed to do in times like this? Well, some rest could be good, and it just so happens that the Packers are about to get a ton of it thanks to an advantageous schedule.

can jenkins get healthy during this point in the schedule?

Schedule Benefits

This schedule is one that I had always hoped for when the Packers were going all in with Aaron Rodgers. I mean, it’s a pretty good schedule overall. So, after the first quarter of the season, does it remain that way?

The answer is unequivocally yes! After finishing up a rough three games in twelve days, the Packers are now in the middle of having just one game in 24 days! This is just what the doctor ordered.

The Packers are currently in the middle of a short bye after having played on Thursday, September 28th. They will play again on Monday Night Football, which is on October 9th. That is a great eleven-day break. After clashing with the Raiders, the Packers will then head into their early bye week. This will then give the Packers another 13-day long break before heading into Denver. The hope is that the Packers will find a way to get healthy during this time.

Not Just About Getting Healthy

This time is not just about getting healthy. It also is a great time for evaluation in which there is much to evaluate. Consider the Packers offensive line.

Not looking so good against the Lions and having lost Bakhtiari for the season, the Packers offensive line could definitely use some help. This long break could be extremely beneficial in fixing it. This is a perfect opportunity to try different line groupings to see if you can put out the best five linemen. I don’t believe the Packers have used their best five since having lost Jenkins. In a world where Royce Newman is starting, there is no way that they have played their best five on the offensive line.

So I implore you, Green Bay, use this time to reevaluate that position group.

And this evaluation doesn’t just have to be about the offensive line. The Packers can also benefit from this time by evaluating their defense and special teams too!

Other Good Things About The Schedule

This great amount of time off is not the only advantageous thing about this schedule. Let’s look at the Packers’ next several opponents.

Between now and the next time the Packers play the Lions, they will face six different opponents who currently have a combined record of 5-13. The only team with a winning record out of that bunch is the Steelers, whose offense hasn’t looked the best.

Then, when they finally do play the Lions again, it will take place on Thanksgiving Day, giving the Green and Gold another mini-bye before playing the Chiefs at home. After the Chiefs, the Packers play five more games to end the season, in which those opponents have a combined record of 3-12.

This schedule is the type of schedule that I used to dream about when the Packers were all in! Can this team, which is seemingly “retooling,” take advantage of it?

I sure hope so!


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