The Green Bay Packers are coming off an ugly 13-17 loss against the Las Vegas Raiders. The offense sputtered when the defense needed them and all together it wasn’t a pretty game. It seemed as if Maxx Crosby was in the backfield at all times and nothing was going right.

Regroup and Resettle

Green Bay’s first half struggles continued mightily in their last game. It has been a problem all season and needs to be addressed. They can’t continue to rely on their second half play if they want to win and continue chasing from behind.

The bye week comes at a great time as it allows a team who hasn’t been performing well to regroup and look ahead to their next matchup. While it’s common for a young team to have their share of struggles, it doesn’t excuse the fact that Green Bay could’ve won some of these games.

Taking Advantage

After the bye week the Green Bay Packers take on the Broncos. Denver has been one of the most underwhelming teams this year as they haven’t met expectations with Sean Payton taking over as coach. It’s rumored that they are expected to be selling before the trade deadline.

This is a spot where the Packers can take advantage of a team that’s struggling even more and use it to their advantage. They have opened up as favorites as well which should show much this Denver team has struggled.

Their defense did do a good job against the high powered Chiefs which could be a concern for Jordan Love. He must bounce back this week and put away last week’s performance.

Be Patient with Love

People are quick to criticize a quarterback early on in their career. People also forget this is Jordan Love’s first year as a starting quarterback and he will make mistakes. I believe it’s way too early to give up on Love and that fans should give it some time.

The offensive line has struggle and dealt with injuries so far and all of his pass catchers are either rookies or in their second season. Even if the rest of the season doesn’t play out perfectly, the Green Bay Packers and their fans must remain patient.

While the clocks on quarterbacks may be quicker these days, Love has the potential. It’ll just come down to his play for the rest of the season and what he can do with his weapons.


Javier Delgado is a lifelong Packers fan who is currently majoring in sports journalism at Arizona State University. He writes for and you can follow him on twitter at @javierrdelgadoo.